How to check Jazz free minutes

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How to check Jazz free minutes

Are you a jazz sim user and want to check your remaining free minutes?

So don’t worry Jazz is facilitating their subscribers by providing single codes to check your free Minutes and SMS.

In this article, we are going to give you the complete information on how to check Jazz free minutes, MBS, and SMS as well so that you’ll be able to check the remaining resources by yourself even when you don’t have the free data or wifi.

Jazz is the largest telecommunication network in Pakistan with more than 35M subscribers nationwide. Because of the fastest 4G internet and the high-strength signals jazz is leading the telecommunication industry in Pakistan.

How to check jazz free minutes?

Jazz is providing you with the easiest way to check your free minutes by dialing a single code with your cell phone so that you don’t lose your balance.

The check code for free minutes is *110#

Standard charges will be applicable on checking free minutes

Now to check the available free resources simply dial *211*2# and you will receive sms of the summary of free resources.

If you are using a jazz super card and want to check the resources dial the single code *601*2# and you’ll get the details on your display.

With the sim Lagao offer you can check free resources by dialing *553*2# and you will get the details.

How to check Jazz’s free SMS

Jazz is providing the single codes for free SMS checking as well so you can check the free remaining SMS by dialing the codes below.

  • *101*2*01# for daily jazz remaining sms
  • *101*2*07# for weekly jazz remaining sms.
  • *101*2*02# for monthly jazz remaining sms.


The standard charges will apply. 


By knowing the method how to check your free resources you can keep an eye on your packages. It will help you to use your sim without any discomfort and this will save you money as well.

With this article, you can check all the information you need to check your free resources.

Or you can download the My Jazz app from the Play Store to keep in touch with the updates and you can check your remaining resources as well.


Thank you for visiting our site hope you’ve found your answers here.

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