Check Nol Card Balance Online

How To Check Nol Card Balance Online

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RTA card balance check online, Nol Card is a contactless smart card used for various public transportation services in the United Arab Emirates Such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It’s a convenient way to pay for fares on different modes of public transportation, such as buses, Dubai metro trains etc.

About Nol Card

In this article, we will explain in detail how you can Check Nol Card Balance. Basically, these cards are used for various modes of transportation. These cards are very beneficial for tourists. This card is required by everyone for public transportation. Nol Cards can be recharged online, at ticket vending machines, or at authorized retailers. 

 Types of Nol Card

There are various types of Nol cards that are used for traveling purposes .

  1. Nol Red Ticket
  2. Nol blue card 
  3. Nol Silver Card
  4. Nol Gold Card


  1. Nol Red Ticket

This is a  disposable card for occasional travelers. It is a Paper based ticket and you can buy it just for AED. You can use it occasionally. These  card limit of AED 1000 and it is valid for 5 years  

2. Nol Silver Card

It is a  rechargeable card and is used for multiple journeys.

3.Nol Gold Card

It is the same Silver Card and this is used for  Gold Class cabins on the Dubai Metro. It is valid for 5 years

4. Nol Blue Card

These are the personal smart cards that you can buy for AED 79 including 20 AED value. It provides you with secure online Services. These cards are used for concession fares. It is also valid for 5 years.

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Benefits of Nol Card

RTA nol card, There are  several benefits of the NOL card

  1.  Nol Cards provide a  convenient way to pay fares and transportation.
  2. You can travel in Dubai through different modes of transport
  3.  People can enjoy low cost fares 
  4. The  Nol Cards often offer discounted fares as compared to purchasing tickets. 
  5. The Users can save money by using the card.
  6. The use of this card is very easy and simple.
  7.  Nol Cards can be easily recharged online.
  8. In case of loss or theft, Nol Cards can  be replaced quickly

 Where are Nol cards used?

RTA card balance check, NOL cards are used for public transportation services in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Metro and buses 

Nol Cards can be used to access and pay for metro services. Buses You can use your Nol Card to pay for bus fares across different routes

2. Ride the water Trams

Nol Cards are accepted on tram services where available. Some regions offer water buses, and Nol Cards can be used for their fares 

3. Pay for parking

You can use  Nol silver, blue and Gold cards are using for parking tap on the parking meter machine to make your payment

How To Check Nol Card Balance Online

You can easily check your  Nol card balance. You have to follow these easy steps to check your Nol Card balance online.

  1. Using an NOL Card for Non Transport
  2. Buying food and groceries

You can use this card for various purposes. You can purchase pharmacy Burger King L, Carrefour, Gloria jeans, Lulu, Hypermarket, Spinneys Zoom, and many other authorized shops

3. Fill Up Petrol

Methods to Check Nol Card Balance

You can recharge your Nol Card balance using several methods.

  1. Online method
  2. RTA website Method 
  3. Ticket Vending Machines
  4. Nol card readers
  5. Smartphone Apps

1. RTA website Method

Please Follow these steps 

  1. Open the official RTA website for your specific region such as  Dubai and  Abu Dhabi.
  2. Go to the RTA homepage
  3. Go to public transport
  4. Press the “Check Balance” option.
  5. Enter your NOL card number,
  6. After that, your Nol Card balance should be displayed on the screen.

2. Nol Card Readers

Most metro stations and bus stops have Nol Card readers that display your card balance when you tap your card on the reader.

3. Smartphone Apps

The official smartphone apps available allow you to check your Nol Card balance by entering your card details.

4. Ticket Vending Machines

The ticket vending machines at metro stations or bus terminals offer the option to check  Nol Card balance.


 As we know Nol cards are used for paying public transport fares. Nol cards are cost-effective and efficient ways to travel within the UAE’s urban areas. Please stay connected with us. We will keep sharing such informative articles with you

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