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jazz Whatsapp Package Monthly in 2023

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Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Packages Code Details This article will be very informative because, In this article, we will talk in detail about Jazz monthly WhatsApp Packages and let you know what the benefits are and how you can activate them.

This social media App is widely used nowadays because everyone is using WhatsApp to communicate with each other. Jazz has brought a WhatsApp package for Their users. Jazz keeps introducing new and innovative packages for its customers. The jazz monthly bundle is widely used because the Monthly package Consists of 30 days

List of jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Here is a list of all jazz monthly bundles and offers. the users can get these offers according to their needs and requirements 

  1. Jazz Monthly Whatsapp package (Rs.70)
  2. Jazz Monthly social plus offer (Rs.215)
  3. Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bemisaal offer (Rs.87)
  4. Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Super Duper offer (Rs.868)
  5. Jazz monthly Whatsapp 3GB offer (Rs.215)
  6. Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package 7GB 2023 Rupees 148

Jazz WhatsApp package Monthly 70 rupees

You can avail of this offer for 30 days and get 2GB of data for Whatsapp. you can also use the IMO app for free. After activating this offer users can get 2000 SMS, 200 jazz minutes, and 20 other network minutes I’m just 70 rupees.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp (Rs.70) Offer incentives

  1. 2 GB DATA
  2. 2000 Jazz Mins
  3. 300 Other Network Minutes
  4. 20 SMS
  5. Rs.70 (Incl. Tax)
  6. Subscription code. *614#
  7. Status Code: *614*2#

Activation method of Jazz Monthly WhatsApp (Rs.70)?

If you want to activate this offer you can Dail this code from your mobile *614# after Dailing this code you have successfully activated this offer.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp social plus offer detail (Rs.215)

Now Jazz brings a monthly social plus bundle with 10 GB of data for the whole month. Jazz users can activate Jazz Monthly social plus offer and can get 10 GB Data WhatsApp, IMO & Facebook,300 Jazz Mins,50 Other Network Minutes, and 1000 SMS only for Rs.215

Incentives of social plus offer

  1. 10 GB internet Data (WhatsApp, IMO & Facebook)
  2. 300 Jazz Mins
  3. 50 Other Network Mins
  4. 1000 SMS
  5. Rs.215
  6. Subscription code *617#
  7. Remaining status code *617*2#

Activation method of Jazz Monthly WhatsApp social plus offer?

You have to simply Dial code *617# the offer will be activated enjoy this offer.

 jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bemisaal offer (Rs.87)

Jazz users can subscribe to this offer for only 87 rupees. This is an amazing WhatsApp offer because in this package you can use free WhatsApp services. after active this offer you will get 3GB Data, Free Whatsapp services,1000 Jazz Mins,1000 SMS, and 30 Other Network Mins for only Rs.87 (Incl. Tax)

Incentives of jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bemisaal offer

  1. 3GB Data
  2. Free Whatsapp
  3. 1000 Jazz Mins
  4. 1000 SMS
  5. 30 Other Network Mins
  6. Price Rs.87 (Incl. Tax)
  7. Subscription Code *929#

Activation method of jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bemisaal offer

If have to simply Dial this code*929# from your mobile after Dialing this code. your package will be activated.

Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Super Duper offer details (Rs.868)

This is an amazing offer after dialing *706# this code you can easily subscribe to Monthly WhatsApp Super Duper Offer for exactly 30 calendar days. This will expire at midnight of the 30th calendar day. This is non-recursive and customers will have to dial *706# again to avail of the Offer more than once.

Monthly Whatsapp Super Duper offer incentive

  1. 14 GB DATA
  2. 3000 Jazz Mins
  3. 300 Other Network Minutes
  4. 3000 SMS
  5. Rs.868 (Incl. Tax)
  6. Subscription code *706#

Activation method of Monthly Whatsapp Super Duper offer

Jazz users Dail *706# code and Activate This offer for 30 days.

Jazz monthly Whatsapp 3GB offer details (Rs.215)

Those People who like social media platforms can get 10 GB of internet Data,300 Jazz Mins,50 Other Network Minutes, and 1000 SMS Rs.215 (Balance)

Whatsapp 3GB offers incentives

10 GB internet Data is for WhatsApp, IMO, and Facebook)

  1. 300 Jazz Minutes
  2. 50 Other Network Minutes
  3. 1000 SMS
  4. Price Rs.215 Balancer
  5. Subscription Code
  6. *617#

Activation method Jazz monthly Whatsapp 3GB offer

Its Subscription Code Is *617#. Those people who like this offer can simply avail of this offer.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package 7GB 2023 Rupees 148

Package Name:  Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package
Social MBS: Facebook/Whatsapp/IMO/BiP/Snapchat
Expiry (Validity):  30 Days
Activation Code: *661#
Un-subscription Code: *661*4#
Status Code: *661*2#
Information Code: *661*3#
Charges: Rs. 148


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Important points

Here are some important points you have to keep in mind these points

  1. Some package prices have been increased from 1st January 2023
  2. Jazz Bemisaal Offer is available only in selected cities only.
  3. Some package prices have changed because the company has the right to make changes and modifications from time to time
  4. If you want to get more information, then you can Keep visiting the official website of jazz and get all the information from there.

About Jazz Wattsapp

 Jazz, Pakistan’s fastest telecommunication Network, brings amazing Monthly WhatsApp Offers to Their username. Now Jazz provides unlimited SMS for any network and internet MBs for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat Throughout the month, at a very reasonable price.

Advantages of Jazz Monthly Whatsapp Package

The big advantage of this package is that these offers are available for 30 days people can avail of these offers according to their needs and choices

  1. The communication process is very easy because people always stay connected with each other
  2. You can make free phone calls
  3. Users can also share their images videos and important documents with each other
  4. Audio and video call facility is available
Terms & Conditions
  1. After 30 days these bundles will expire automatically
  2. These offers can be activated at any time of the day. There is no restriction.
  3. You can check the remaining incentives and validity by dialing the bundle status code for Rs. 0.06.
  4. Jazz users also use the jazz world App to check Their status
  5. Package plans and prices can Be changed anytime
  6. This offer will not auto-subscribe after the expiration you need to be subscribed again.
  7. This bundle can be subscribed to in 2G/3G/4G network areas.
  8. The offer can be changed at any time because Company has the right.

Today is the era of social media and WhatsApp has become a necessity for every person. Whatsapp packages are very beneficial for those who mostly use WhatsApp services. Jazz users can easily activate these packages.

Jazz Company has introduced this package, especially for those who are WhatsApp enthusiasts and love WhatsApp.Enjoy this amazing offer and get benefits a lot of. share this information with others and stay connected with us.

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