PTCL 8 Mbps Internet

PTCL 8 Mbps Internet student Packages 2023

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PTCL 8 Mbps Unlimited Package

In this article, we will discuss the PTCL 8 Mbps internet student Package. PTCL has various internet packages among them 8 Mbps. This package is very suitable for those people who want very high-speed internet.

PTCL is a famous telecom company.PTCL has introduced various packages to its customers, among them the student package is available at a very affordable rate. PTCL is the largest telephone operating company that provides Fast Speed, Economical Packages and Unlimited Internet offers. PTCL has more than 2 million subscribers.

Introduction PTCL 8 Mbps Internet

PTCL 8 Mbps Package provides Unlimited data with high-speed internet. This package is very useful For those students who want to browse the internet at a high speed with unlimited data capacity. PTCL’s 8 MB package is available all over Pakistan.

Three services of PTCL

PTCL is providing three main services on single fiber/copper wireline

  1. DSL Internet
  2. Smart TV
  3. Telephone/Call facility

Specifications of PTCL 8 Mbps Package

  1. It provides Unlimited GB’s Data
  2. Rs 2150/- Excluding Taxes
    8 Mbps Speed.
  3. It is valid for one Month.

Ptcl 8 mbps unlimited package price

PTCL is providing an amazing limited-time offer and discount for its customers.

  1. Internet installation charges will be Rs.2,499/ for those who have an existing Telephone connection.
  2. Internet installation charges are Rs.5,000/ for a new Telephone connection.

To avail of this offer, you can call 1218 or email to order a PTCL connection

How to activate the PTCL 8mbps Unlimited Package?

Activation method

Here are some ways to activate Ptcl packages :

  1. visit PTCL Website
  2. Visit PTCL Shop
  3. Contact PTCL Distributors
  4. call at 1218

PTCL 8Mbps Unlimited Package specifications

Package Name

PTCL 8Mbps Unlimited Package

Consumer Price

It’s charges are Rs. 2355 (incl. tax).


PTCL gives 8Mbps

DSL Speed

Its speed consists of 8 MBPS


It is valid for 30 days

Extra Features
  1. Free Voice Calls
  2. Free Smart TV + App
How To Subscribe?

Call at 1218 or Visit the PTCL website for activation of this offer

How to deactivate PTCL 8Mbps Unlimited Package?

Deactivation method

If you want to deactivate this package then you have to follow some steps for deactivate the package
Three things are required:

  1. Application form
  2. ID card Copy
  3. Router

Deactivation process

  1. Visit the nearest PTCL office with the router, ID copies, and Application form
  2. The PTCL representative will ask you the reason why you want to disconnect the connection?.
  3. You have to fill an application form.
  4. After completing the form, the PTCL representative will give you the receipt
  5. It will take about 24-72 hours to deactivate this package


If you want to activate the 8 MB package you should contact the lineman of ptcl and consult them that the good copper fiber optic service is available in the area where you live.

Terms and conditions
  1. Installation charges for a new internet connection are Rs. 2,499 incl tax
  2. Installation charges of a new Double Play (Landline+Internet) or Triple Play (Landline + Internet + Smart TV): Rs. 5,000 inclusive of Tax.
  3. GPON is available in selected areas. Call the helpline for details.
The following taxes at written rates will be applied
  1. 19.50% Sales tax charges on Landlines will be applicable for Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, and AJK.
  2. FED of 17% is applicable in Islamabad Capital Territory.
    Sales tax on
  3. DSL/Internet/EVO/Data/ DPLC – is 19.50% for Punjab (Where monthly charges for student package does not exceed Rs 1,500/-)

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