PTCL Tax Certificate Download

PTCL Tax Certificate Download Online

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Do you know PTCL charge you advance income tax from your monthly bill? In this article, we will explain PTCL Tax Certificate. How you can get and download PTCL Tax Certificate Online in 2023. As we know. PTCL stands for (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited). It is a Pakistani telecommunication company that provides Tax Deduction certificates to its users.

What is a PTCL Withholding tax certificate?

PTCL provides tax certificates to its customers upon request. This is paid to the government by the payer of the income. A Withholding tax certificate is a type of document that summarizes the amount of taxes deducted from a customer’s income during a specific period.

Methods to Get Withholding Tax Certificate

You can use the following 3 methods to get PTCL Tax Certificate

  1.  PTCL Customer Support helpline
  2. visit the nearest PTCL customer service center.
  3.  Official PTCL website

How to get tax certificate 2023(PTCL Landline)

PTCL withholding tax certificate, you can follow these steps to obtain a tax certificate from PTCL for PTCL landline.

  1. Go to the PTCL office website
  2. Click on this link
  3. select the “Stationary” service type.
  4. After that select the area code
  5. Enter your mobile number and account ID
  6. Select a time and solve the captcha
  7. In the last click on the tax request

How to get a PTCL Tax Certificate 2023 for EVO, landline phones and CharJi

All PTCL EVO, landline, and CharJi users can get PTCL Tax Certificate free. The PTCL EVO and CharJi users need the device owner’s MDN number, ESN number, and CNIC number.

You have to follow some simple steps for this

1st step

Firstly, contact PTCL’s customer support through their helpline or visit the nearest PTCL service center.

2nd step 

Talk to the customer support representative and tell him you need a tax certificate for the year 2023, and specify the services for which you require the tax certificate (e.g., EVO, landline phone, CharJi).

3rd step

Provide them with Necessary Information such as your account number, name, and contact details, to verify your identity.

4th step 

Request the representative to generate the tax certificate for the year 2023.

5th step

Choose Delivery Method. After that PTCL will send this certificate via email or to your registered address.

6th step 

In the end, you have to Wait for Processing. PTCL will process your request and provide the tax certificate.

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Download Method of PTCL Tax Certificate

How to Download PTCL Tax Certificate?

PTCL Tax Certificate Download Online, To download the PTCL Tax Deduction Certificate, follow these general steps:

  1. Go to the official PTCL website (
  2. Login to Your Account
  3. Navigate to the billing or account section of your PTCL online account.
  4. Search Tax Certificate Option
  5. Select the tax year for which you want to download the certificate. For example, if you need a tax certificate for the year 2023, select “2023.”
  6. Download the Certificate. It will likely be in PDF format.
  7. When the download is complete. You can save it

All certifications are now available online at the PTCL official website for free. Every year Taxpayer needs his tax deduction certificate when he files his annual income tax return.

keep in mind the process and requirements might change over time. we will recommend you check PTCl official website or contact their customer support directly for the most current and accurate information.

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