Zong Monthly Internet 30GB

Zong Monthly Internet 30GB – Zong Premium Package

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In this article, we will discuss in detail about the Zong Monthly Internet 30GB Package. Zong premium Monthly offer consists of 30GB. Its Consumer Price is 999.00 per month including tax. The Zong Users can Dial the *6464# code from their mobile to activate this offer. you’ll get 30 GB of free internet data (15 GB Flat + 15 GB YouTube) for 1 Month.

Zong Monthly Internet 30GB Code

Zong is the biggest and most famous telecommunication network that offers a variety of internet bundles. The best thing about the Zong Monthly package is that you can avail of it for the whole month 30 days. You can Check the Remaining Mbs by Dialing this code *102#.

Key Features of Zong Monthly Premium Package

Here are some benefits of this offer.

  1. This package name is Zong Monthly Premium 30 GB Package. It provides 30 GB of data
  2. This Zong monthly YouTube package is only valid for 30 days.
  3. The price of this Zong
  4.  package is only RS. 1000 including tax. These bundle prices are very affordable.
  5. The Zong monthly Package can be activated by dialing this code (*6464#)
  6. This offer is very useful If You Want To Use Unlimited Facebook browsing and YouTube
  7. The best thing is that you can use internet data on any device.

Zong Monthly Premium 30GB Specifications Details

1. Package Name

Zong Monthly Premium

2. Validity

It is valid for 30 Days

3. Price

The cost of this offer is Rs. 1000 including taxes

4. Internet GBs 

It gives you 30GB of Internet data (15GB for Youtube)

5. Subscription Code.

The subscription code of this offer is *6464#

6. Zong Monthly internet package 30 gb check code

You can check Remaining MBs, Mins & SMS by Dialing this code *102#

Cost of Zong Monthly Internet Package

If we talk about the price of the Zong Monthly Internet Package of 30 GB, IT prices are very reasonable. The cost of this package is only RS.999.00 including tax


Zong Monthly Premium Package is valid for 30 days (one Month). Now Zong customers can avail of this offer for the entire month.

Activation code of Zong Monthly Premium Package

The activation code of this offer is *6464# so if you want to activate this offer simply you have to dial the (*6464#) code from their mobile phone

Zong Weekly internet Package 30 GB

if you went to activate Zong weekly internet offer you can get 30 GB of Data for using Facebook Youtube And WhatsApp you avail of 180 Off-net minutes, Unlimited Zong to Zong minutes, and All network SMS


  • 399.00+tex


  • 30GBInternet


  • 180Off-net Mins

ON Net minutes

  • Unlimited*Zong Mins


  • Unlimited*SMS


  • 7 Days

Zong Weekly Internet Package 30 gb code


Dial *225# to Activate

Subscription Method

Zong has brought the Zong Monthly Premium Package which consists of 30 GB of free internet data for 30 days.

Here are the following methods To subscribe to this offer

  1. Code Dialing method
  2. Zong App
  3. Official Zong Website

1. Code Dialing method

This is a very easy and quick method to activate this offer simply, Dial *6464# from your Zong sim. A confirmation SMS will be sent to you.

2. My Zong App

Here are steps

  1. Firstly, install the My Zong App
  2. Press the Bundles option here is the list of packages.
  3.  Search “Monthly premium offer ” and tap on to subscribe button.

3. Official Zong Website

  1. Visit the Zong website
  2. Search for the package which you would like to activate.
  3. A confirmation SMS will be sent to your phone.
  4. reply “Y” to confirm this offer
Further Information

Here are some services

  1. Zong helpline
  2. official website
  3. Nearest Franchise

In case of any difficulty, you can directly contact Zong Helpline 310, you can also visit the Zong Franchise and also visit its official website too.

Important point

In this article, we have shared all the valid and accurate detailed information with you. The Company reserves the right to make any changes and modifications from time to time. All the taxes and prices are according to the present time.

Terms & Conditions
  1. This offer will be expired at 23:59 hours on the 30th
  2. It is a limited time offer
  3. It can be changed anytime by the company.
  4. If you want to subscribe to this offer then dial (*6464#) to get this bundle.
  5. Check the remaining MBs by dialing the status code (*102#).
  6. After the expiration date, the rate will be charged Re.1/MB.
  7. About 17% of withholding tax will be applicable on recharge.

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