Zong SMS Package Weekly

Zong SMS Package Weekly in 32 Rupees

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We will talk about the Zong SMS Package in 32 Rupees. How can you subscribe to it? You can activate the Zong SMS Package After subscribing to this offer, you get Weekly SMS and WhatsApp MBS. Zong SMS Package Weekly in 32 Rupees.


  1. Zong offers a 1300 SMS facility 
  2. It offers you 200MBs WhatsApp MBs 
  3. The validity of this offer is 7 Days
  4.  This offer  is available for 32
  5. You must have PKR 32 in your account to activate this bundle.

Zong SMS Package Weekly in 32 Rupees  Details 

Zong SMS package weekly code, Zong is a famous and big mobile network operator in Pakistan, that allows customers to send text messages at affordable prices. Zong offers various SMS package plans.

SMS:                                       1300

Whatsapp MBs:                   200

Price:                                    PKR 32

Validity:                              7 Days

SUB-Code:                          *702#

Check Code:                       *102#

SUB Code:         SMS “sub” to 700

UNSUB Code:  SMS ‘unsub to 700

Zong SMS Package Subscription  Details 

The Zong Weekly SMS Package is available for 17 Rupees. This package offers 1300 SMS for all networks and 200 MBs,  for WhatsApp only.

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You can Dial the following codes to subscribe to this package 

Subscription Code:             702#

SMS SUB Code:            “sub”to700 

How to Activate Zong SMS package weekly

  1. Sms SMS Method
  2. Code Dialing Method 

Zong SMS Activation process Via  SMS

Please follow the given general steps to  subscribe to this weekly SMS bundle

  1. If you want to activate this offer via SMS.
  2. Compose a new message 
  3. Now write  SMS “sub” to 700
  4. After that send an SMS and then reply with “2” 
  5. Your weekly 32 rupee SMS package will be activated 
  6. Congratulations! You have successfully subscribed to this offer.

Activation Process Via Code Dialing Methods 

You can follow these steps to activate a Zong SMS package for 32 Rupees.

  1.  For activation SMS package visit the 
  • Zong website 
  • Zong mobile app
  1. Dial the Activation *702# Code On your mobile phone
  2. . You will receive a confirmation SMS from Zong
Important note
  1. You have sufficient balance in your Zong account to activate the SMS package.
  2. We will suggest checking Zong’s official website for upcoming information because package details, prices, and activation codes may change over time.

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Zong SMS Package Unsubscribe Code

You can deactivate this offer by sending an SMS ‘unsub’ to 700. This offer will expire after 7 days. Zong SMS Package.

How To Check Remaining SMS Status?

You can Check the Remaining Incentives By dialing the *102# code. You can also check the remaining status through the Zong Mobile App

  1. The subscription charges and additional taxes will apply to subscribe to this offer
  2. The validity of this package is 7 Days after 1 week this offer will be expired
  3. The price of this offer is PKR 32
  4. If you have an Insufficient balance then you will not be able to subscribe to this offer.

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