How to withdraw Payoneer money through Jazz Cash 2024

How to withdraw Payoneer money through Jazz Cash 2024

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How to withdraw Payoneer money through Jazz Cash 2024 ?

Jazz Cash officially announced a new feature in their mobile App. This feature is about Payoneer. In this article, we will tell you in detail.

Jazz Cash and Payoneer have teamed up to facilitate the Freelancer’s payments easily in Pakistan. There is no need for traveling or any documentation processing for account opening. Freelancers can convert Payoneer payments into jazz cash.

Jazz users can create or link their Payoneer account with the Jazz Cash application to receive funds. So let’s talk about How to withdraw Payoneer money through Jazz Cash 2024

What is Payoneer ?

Payoneer is an online payment process. It works like a digital bank account. People can receive payments in USD and EUR and convert them easily into PKR when they withdraw these funds.

Purpose of Payoneer:

The basic purpose of a Payoneer account is that  People can convert their money from one currency to another and provide a global payment system to its users.  People can receive international payments from clients across the globe.

Which banks support Payoneer in Pakistan?

Here are some  Banks that support  Payoneer in Pakistan.

  1. Jazz Cash.
  2. MCB Bank.
  3. Faisal Bank.
  4. Standard chartered bank

How to make a Payoneer account in Pakistan?

The process of creating a Payoneer account is very simple and easy. You need some specific required documents.

Follow the given steps to create a Payoneer account

  1. Visiting the official Payoneer website
  2. Click the register button.
  3.  choose the best option according to  the type of work you do. For example, you can describe yourself as a freelancer.
  4. Fill the data, such as  name, ID card details, date of birth and address etc.
  5. provide the bank’s IBAN and other relevant information

How to Make a JazzCash Account?

Follow the given steps to open an account or click here .

  1. Download the jazz cash app from the play store on your mobile
  2. Then give the number on which you want to make an account and click the next button
  3. A form will appear in front of you.
  4. Fill out the form with all requirements
  5. Ab OTP number message send to your number
  6. select the password of four digits (MPIN).
  7. It will take some time to successfully register on the Jazz Cash account.

How to withdraw Payoneer money through Jazz Cash 2024

Payoneer is a very popular and reliable platform for receiving international payments. Thousands of Pakistani people, especially freelancers, prefer receiving payments via Payoneer.

Here are some simple steps for how to withdraw Payoneer money through Jazz Cash 2024

  1. Firstly,open Jazz Cash  App.
  2. Choose the Payoneer option from the Jazz Cash app
  3. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw (in dollars)
  4. Enter the MPIN  number or use fingerprint verification to complete the transaction process.
  5. Click on the transfer option
    You will receive a confirmation message.


Payoneer is a very famous platform and it is working well in Pakistan. This is a new feature for freelancers which will be very beneficial for them. You can not only transfer the amounts to a Payoneer account  to Jazz Cash but also withdraw money  from Jazz Cash to a Payoneer account.

This is an amazing feature that is used  to receive international payments. People can easily  receive payments in their  Payoneer account. And steps of learning that how to withdraw Payoneer money through Jazz Cash 2024 is very easy and simple.



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