Ufone Balance Save Code 2024

Ufone Balance Save Code 2024

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In this article, we will discuss in detail about “Ufone Balance Save  Code 2024”.Now you can save your SIM balance. This service is very amazing and beneficial which gives you many benefits

To activate this service, you just need to dial *44# code. It also gives you internet data and saves your SIM balance.

Many people are worried that their SIM balance will get deducted. So it will be very beneficial for you because you can save your balance with the help of the Ufone Balance Save  Code 2024.

Why is the balance deducted?

Ufone Balance Deduction Reason

Sometimes you don’t know some internet packages are activated on your mobile phone. As soon as you turn on your mobile data then your balance is deducted from your account.

Other applications are also causes of balance deduction. So Lock your Ufone balance to get rid of this problem

What is a Balance Save Code?

Balance Save Code is a specific unique code*6611# with the help of which you can activate your Balance Save service and avail of this offer.

Due to this service, you can save your balance from being deducted

Ufone Balance Save Code *6611#

Ufone introduced a unique code to lock your balance The Ufone Balance Save service is an amazing offer for those users who are worried about balance deductions. 

If you want to save your balance then you have to Dial *6611# from your mobile phone after dialing it you can lock your account balance 

Ufone Balance Save  Code 2024*3344#

This is another method to save balance from deduction. The *3344# code is used  for it 

  1. Dial *3344# and press the enter button.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation message  
  3. Congratulations, your account has been locked successfully.

Ufone balance check Code *124#

Ufone balance  check code is very important to find out how much balance  has been  left in your account

  1. Firstly dial *124# from your mobile 
  2. After a few seconds, the remaining balance will be displayed on the screen.

Balance save Charges

There are no charges for this service. You can use this offer free of cost.

How to Check Balance 2024 method.

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This offer is valid once  you subscribe it

How to withdraw the saved balance?

You can withdraw your saved balance from the Ufone saver account. When you Dil the subscription code the balance will be transferred automatically 

Here are simple steps 

  1. Firstly Dail *6611#  from your sim card
  2. After that, you will receive a message
  3. Reply with 2  to withdraw your save balance 

How to subscribe Ufone Balance save service?

Ufone provides its users with a free service that saves your mobile balance.

Please follow the given  steps 

  1. Dial *6611#  code from your mobile phone
  2. After that follow the instructions 
  3. You have successfully subscribed to the Ufone Balance Save service.

How to Unsubscribe  Ufone Balance Save Service?

Please follow the given  steps 

  1. You have to  dial *6611#  code from your mobile phone
  2. After that follow the instructions 
  3. You have successfully unsubscribed the Ufone Balance Save service.


This service is available for all postpaid and prepaid customers: Ufone Balance Save  Code 2024


We have tried to provide you correct and complete information about the Ufone Balance Save  Code 2024.We also told you  easy steps on how you can lock and unlock your balance with the help of Ufone codes . You can also install My Ufone App through Google play store for more detailed options 

If you have any query and need further assistance, please call on the Ufone helpline number and visit the official website. 



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