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Convert 3G Sim To 4G Jazz, Zong, Telenor, Ufone

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How to convert 3G SIM to 4G

This article will be very beneficial for you because In this article we will discuss in detail the process of converting 3G SIM to 4G Jazz, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone. The transition from 3G to 4G technology has been a major development in the telecommunications industry. As a result, many users are looking for various ways to convert their 3G SIM  to 4G. 

In Pakistan, four famous telecom networks are working. if you want to convert your SIM from 3rd generation technology to the  4th generation technology we will tell you how to convert 3G jazz sim to 4G sim.

Advantages  of 4G technology

  1. Fastest speed 

4G networks are capable of providing download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which is significantly faster than the maximum download speed. This means that users can access websites, download files, and stream videos much faster than before.

  1. improved coverage. 

4G networks are capable of providing coverage in more places than 3G networks.

  1. Reliable

Finally, 4G networks are more reliable rather than 3G networks. 4G network provides faster download and upload speeds as compared to  3G networks.

Another benefit of converting a Jazz 3G SIM to 4G is the improved quality of voice calls

Sim Status

Sometimes you don’t know whether the SIM you are using is 3G or 4G So for this you have to check the SIM status to know whether the SIM you are using is 3G or 4G.

What Are the Methods to Convert  3G SIM to 4G? (Jazz, Ufone, Telenor & Zong).

Methods how to convert 3g sim to 4g jazz:

Four methods are used to convert Jazz  3G SIM to 4G.

  1. Jazz helpline  method
  2. visit a Jazz retailer or franchise
  3. visiting the Jazz website
  4. Mobile App method 

1. Jazz helpline  method 

This is the first method to convert SIM. You can Dail 111 talk to a jazz representative and  Ask the agent to convert your SIM to 4G Generation.

2. visit a Jazz retailer or franchise

you will need to visit a Jazz retailer to get your SIM converted. You will need to bring your original SIM card and a valid form of identification.

The Jazz retailer will then convert your SIM from 3G to 4G. This process usually takes a few minutes and you will be given a new SIM card with a 4G connection.

3. visiting the Jazz website

People can also visit jazz websites for further detailed information. The official website is the best solution to every problem. That’s why you can visit the official website and get information about Sim type as well as convert it to 4G. 

  1. Mobile App  method:

The Mobile App method is a great choice for every problem. Just download and install any network  App and follow some steps according to the procedure.

Charges of converting sim 

Minimum 100 and 150 RS  charges will be applicable. 

Jazz SIM 3G to 4G convert Code

DAIL 117*72*2#

How to Subscribe to Jazz 4G SIM Offer

Jazz 4G SIM Offer code; *443*30#

How to Unsubscribe

Jazz 4G SIM Offer unsubscribe code; *117*89*4#

Subscription Cost

charges Rs 0.00

Details of Incentives

You can get 4000 SMS for all networks along with 400 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes and 4 GB of Internet Data for free.


this offer is valid for only 30 days.

How to Check the Status of Jazz 4G SIM Offer

To check the status of the remaining bundle code *443*7#.

Jazz, Ufone, Telenor & Zong converting codes

How to convert jazz 3G SIM to 4G

converting a Jazz 3G SIM to 4G can provide users with a number of benefits, including improved speed and performance better quality voice calls etc.

If your sim is 3G then you can easily convert it into 4G. You can also dial  *583# code to activate Super 4G service on Jazz

Jazz 4G activation code

You can dial *443*7# to check Jazz 3G/4G status.

How to Check If Your Jazz SIM Is Compatible With 4G?

If you are a Jazz user and would like to know if your SIM is compatible with 4G, you can easily check by following the steps below.

  1. Dial *443# from your Jazz SIM.
  1. Select the option ‘4G/LTE’.
  1. You will receive a  confirmation message whether your SIM is compatible with 4G or not.

If your SIM is compatible with 4G, you can enjoy faster internet speeds and better coverage.

How to convert Ufone 3G SIM to 4G 

If you want to convert your Ufone 3G firstly you have to check the existing sim status. You can Dail *4# to check the status after that you can Dail *5959# code.

Ufone 3g to 4g convert code:

  1. Firstly dial *44# to check Ufone  3G/4G status.
  2. Dial *5959# To convert it to 4G.

Ufone 4G SIM check code

Dial *4# to check your sim status.

How to convert Telenor 3G SIM to 4G

Telenor is the number one 4G provider network in Pakistan. if you want to know your existing sim status simply go to the  Telenor website enter your mobile number and press search. After searching, you will receive a message.

Telenor 3g to 4g convert code 

you can dial the *46#  code to convert your SIM.

How to convert Zong 3G SIM to 4G

Zong users can upgrade and replace  Zong 2G or 3G SIM to 4G and enjoy 4G service can get 4000 MB From 7 PM  to 11:59 PM  and also get free 400 Zong to Zong minutes for a whole week.

Zong 3G to 4G convert code

  1. Firstly Dial *9664# code 
  2. Reply with the MNP number
  3. Enter existing mobile number
  4. Give  your personal details 
  5.  reply with 1 to confirm
  6. Standard charges of the product will be charged.


Overall, upgrading from a 3G to a 4G SIM  offers a number of benefits to users. Its increased speed, improved coverage, and more reliable connections make 4G technology a great choice for anyone looking to stay connected.

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