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Ufone ESIM device Price & Activation Details 2023

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Ufone is a telecommunications company that provides mobile network services in Pakistan. Ufone introduced ESIM to its customers. This is a modern age of technology. Now Ufone users can activate a mobile number without using a physical SIM. An ESIM, also known as an “Embedded SIM” or “Electronic SIM”ufone provides a digital SIM card. In this article, we will talk about ufone ESIM. What is Ufone ESIM? And What is its price? 

What is Zong eSIM?

esim ufone means “Electronic digital Sim” that is used in new models of mobile phones. Now activate your ESIM and avail of benefits. The iPhone and Android users can use this sim There is no need to use physical SIM cards.

Benefits of Ufone ESIM

Here are some benefits

  1. With an eSIM, you wouldn’t need to physically insert or remove a SIM card because physical cards are the risk of misplacing and damaging
  2. Ufone ESIM technology allows users to store multiple mobile network profiles on a single device.
  3. You can easily switch your private and business numbers in one phone without physically swapping the SIM cards.
  4. It provides flexibility and convenience, especially for those users who travel.
  5. Ufone E SIM cards are more secure as compared to the physical SIM card.
  6. ESIMs can be remotely activated. This means you can activate Ufone’s services on your device without needing to visit a physical store.

Ufone ESIM Price

The price of Ufone ESIM for both customers are same

New customers

Ufone Esim price in Pakistan, The price of Ufone 4G Esim is Rs. 2,500 for new customers

Existing customers 

Those existing customers who want to switch their physical Ufone 4G sim to Esim only for Rs. 2,500.

How to get Ufone ESIM?

You can get Ufone ESim easily because Ufone ESIM is available at all Ufone franchises and centers

Difference between the physical SIM card and the E SIM

Here are some key differences between physical SIM cards and ESIMs:

1. Physical SIM Card 

  1. A physical SIM card is a removable card that you insert into your mobile phone.
  2. Physical SIM cards are available in different sizes
  3.  physical SIM cards can be easily inserted from one device to another
  4. manual activation is required to activate Physical SIM cards

2. ESIM card 

  1. ESIM cards are non-removable SIM cards. These cards consist of tiny chips 
  2. ESIMs are easily transferred between devices.
  3. ESIMs can be activated remotely by scanning a QR code
  4.  All mobile phone devices do not support eSIM technology

Ufone ESIM Details

Now E-SIM will be used in place of physical SIM. Ufone  E SIM, also known as Electronic SIM. It is a new technology that replaces the traditional physical SIM card with a programmable SIM chip. Now Ufone users can use a mobile service without needing a physical SIM card. E SIM can store multiple profiles. users can have multiple phone numbers on a single device

ESIM Activation Method

 How to activate it? 

Here are some steps to activate an eSIM

  1. If you are a new customer or convert your existing Ufone number you have to visit any nearest Ufone Service Center to get ESIM
  2. Complete the activation process.
  3. After registration, the Ufone representative will provide you with an ESIM jacket.
  4. A digital QR code is provided by Ufone
  5. Please scan the QR code on the phone to activate the eSIM
  6. Congratulations! Now you can use your Ufone eSIM.

How to activate eSIM on Apple or Android phone

How to activate ESIM on iPhone

Here is s Step by Step Activation process for iPhone users

Make sure your iPhone support ESIM  iPhone models such as:

iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, and 12 Pro Max.

  1.  Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Find Cellular or Mobile Data: Scroll down
  3.  Click on “Cellular” or “Mobile Data”
  4. Add Cellular Plan
  5. Use your iPhone to scan the QR code or Enter the Details
  6.  Type pin code “0000” when asked to enter
  7. Congratulations! Your eSIM is activated and ready to use.

How to activate ESIM on Android Phone

Please follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure your eSIM support to Android handset
  2. After that Scan the QR code provided by the Ufone agent
  3.  Open the Settings
  4.  Click on SIM Card Manager
  5.  Select ESIM option
  6.  Two on Add Mobile Plan to launch the camera automatically
  7. Now you have to Use your mobile camera to scan the QR code
  8.  Type pin code “0000” when asked to enter
  9. Congratulations! Your eSIM is ready to use
Important to know
  • You can use the QR code only one-time. In case your device is stolen, you can visit Ufone’s franchise to get a new QR code.
  • Please keep in mind that Ufone ESIM supports only specific mobile phone devices such as Android and iPhone
  • Only new technology mobile phones can use this service

We hope you like this article. We have shared with you all valid and accurate Information related to Ufone ESIM. Esim can easily switch between different network operators or plans without needing separate physical SIM cards. There is no need to use a traditional physical SIM card. Enjoy this new ESIM technology. You can share this information with others. You can also contact Ufone Self-Service to get information.

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