Ufone Loan Code *456#

Ufone Loan Code *456#

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If your balance is running low you need not worry because Ufone brings Ufone Advance Balance service to their customers. You have to Simply Dial *456# code to get a Ufone balance anytime anywhere. Sometimes you need an emergency loan. Ufone gives you the facility of getting Uadvance instant whenever your balance is running low.

In this article We will describe the Ufone loan code or Ufone advance balance, and how you can get this service. Ufone is a Pakistani telecommunications company that provides mobile networks in Pakistan. Ufone has introduced a loan or advance service to all subscribers.

Sometimes your balance is less than Rs. 20 then Ufone provides you with an advance balance facility.

Ufone advance service charges

The Ufone will be deducted Rs.12 (inclusive of tax) along with the advance amount when you recharge the next time. ufone loan code

How much balance is given

The Ufone gives you Rs. 40 balance whose balance drops below Rs. 11.95 or Rs. 20

Ufone Loan Code Activation & Charges Details

All Ufone prepaid customers all over Pakistan can subscribe to Ufone advance loan anytime by Dialing code*456#. The Ufone service allows customers to borrow balances in case of an emergency. The service is offered for Ufone prepaid customers.

ufone advance code, The Ufone users have to simply dial a code to borrow advance. This amount will be paid after the next recharge.

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How to get a Ufone Loan & Advance?

  1. Firstly, Dial *456# from your Ufone mobile number.
  2. A menu will appear on your mobile screen
  3. Here you will see different options.
  4. Look option related to “Advance.”
  5. Select the loan or advance option by entering the corresponding number.
  6. Follow the instructions
    After that confirm your request
  7. When your process is completed you will receive an advance amount
Important point

Remember Ufone keeps introducing new services or modifying existing ones.
Only Ufone prepaid users can use this service. Postpaid users are not eligible for this offer.

Terms & conditions
  1. If you want to avail of UAdvance, it is mandatory to consume Rs. 150 after the purchase of a new SIM.
  2. All prepaid subscribers can use this service.
  3. You have to use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification (PTA) because your SIM is your identity

No doubt, Ufone offers various services such as advanced, mobile banking, internet services, etc. Ufone offers various prepaid and postpaid packages Such as voice calls, SMS bundles, mobile data packages, and international roaming services.

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