Scom Whatsapp Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Scom Whatsapp Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2023 

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SCOM gives various WhatsApp packages Daily, weekly, and Monthly to its customers. You can get these packages according to your choice. SCOM is the Largest Telecom Network  Service Provider Equally Focusing On Urban And Rural Areas Of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Region.

Scom Whatsapp Packages

Scom WhatsApp Package Code provides a certain amount of data which can include text messaging, voice calls, video calls, media sharing etc. Scom Whatsapp Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly refer to mobile data plans or packages offered by telecom providers 

Here are categories of whtsapp packges

  1. SCOM Daily WhatsApp Package
  2. SCOM Weekly WhatsApp Package
  3. SCOM Monthly WhatsApp Package

Daily WhatsApp Package

Scom WhatsApp package daily codes are for a specific period, typically one day. These packages are designed for those users who want to stay connected for a short period of time. scom internet packages

Daily WhatsApp Details.

Data:                              500MB

Validity:                           1 Day

Sub Code:                      *725#

Price:                                 Rs. 29

Recharge Required:      Rs. 35

How to subscribe Daily WhatsApp Package?

If you want to  subscribe to a Daily WhatsApp Package, you will need to Dail *725# code 

  1. Dial the Activation Code *725#
  2.  After that press the call button
  3. This will activate the Daily WhatsApp Package.
  4. You should receive a confirmation SMS 
  5. Now you are ready to use WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Package Weekly

Scom WhatsApp package weekly, The duration of these packages is one week. These packages are very beneficial for users who want a stay connected on WhatsApp for the short term. The weekly WhatsApp Data Package can be subscribed for just Rs. 75. how to check scom balance

Weekly WhatsApp Package Details 

Data:                                   7GB

(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Smart TV App)

Validity:                               7 Day

Subs Code:                        *111#

Price:                                       Rs. 75

Recharge Required:            Rs. 90

How to subscribe to the weekly  WhatsApp Package?

If you want to  subscribe to a weekly WhatsApp Package, you have to Dail *111# code from your mobile 

Monthly WhatsApp Package

Most people like Monthly Data plans because the monthly package is more convenient as compared to other data packages. It consists of 30 days. Scom WhatsApp package monthly You will get 20,000 SMS and 300 MB WhatsApp only for 50 will also get 300MBs for WhatsApp. how to check scom number

Scom Monthly  Package Details 

Internet Data.                7GB

Price.                               Rs. 300

Recharge Required      Rs. 360

 Subs Code                      *111#

Validity                              30 Days

How To Subscribe SCOM Monthly Package?

To subscribe dial *111# to avail SCOM internet WhatsApp service.

SCOM Free WhatsApp offer 

SCOM offers Free WhatsApp packages.  you can send text messages,  voice and video calls, and share media files without any additional charges. You can get 500MB of free.

These offers are for a specific time period depending on the promotion. It’s important to note that free WhatsApp packages are temporary.

How To Subscribe to SCOM Free WhatsApp Package?

You can  dial *111# to avail of SCOM Free WhatsApp service

Terms & Conditions
  1. 17% GST  tax will be applied on all tariffs in AJ&K as per policy.
  2. These offers are for Limited time.
  3. The company has the right to change any offer at any time.
  4. Actual internet speed will depend on multiple factors like SIM, device, web pages etc.

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