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All Network Sim Codes List Ufone, Jazz, Zong, Telenor & SCOM 2023

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Which Network Code

In this article, we will discuss in detail Sim Codes List Ufone, Jazz, Warid, Zong, Telenor & SCOM. Each network has a specific code list. As we know,  there are six famous telecommunication networks that are operating in Pakistan. PTA has allotted fixed serial codes for telecommunication networks. We dial a SIM code to communicate with the mobile network’s servers

What is a SIM code?

A SIM code is a series of some digits you can use to dial on your mobile phone to access specific services. SIM codes also can be used to check account balances, recharge phones, activate and deactivate services, check data usage, and many more. 

Categories of Mobile Networks 

  1. Ufone
  2. Jazz
  3. Warid
  4. Zong
  5. Telenor 
  6.  SCOM

SIM Codes List Details 2023

Mobile numbers are prefixed (03) Different mobile networks have their own specific sim codes. We will explain all these code lists one by one. International users can dial +92 to reach a mobile number in Pakistan. the “+92” is the Country Code. The Pakistani users Within Pakistan can Dial the same number  03XZ-YYYYYYY etc.

There are the following digits that indicate each network sim code 

  1. Jazz.        X=0  .
  2. Zong.        X=1 
  3. Ufone        X=3 
  4. Telenor.     X=4
  5. SCOM.      X=5

Ufone Sim codes List

0331 which network code, Ufone provides the best cellular services to their customers. Ufone famous codes series start with  0333, 0334, 0332, 0331 etc. ufone number check code

  Code List:

  1. 0330
  2. 0331
  3. 0332
  4. 0333
  5. 0334
  6. 0335
  7. 0336
  8. 0337
  9. 0338
  10. 0339

Jazz sim codes List

0300 which network code, Jazz sim code starts with “030”If you want to select sim codes according to your choice then you Can order Jazz sim online and can choose the available numbers from the series. jazz balance save code

Codes List:

Here are the network code series lists

  1. 0300
  2. 0301
  3. 0302
  4. 0303
  5. 0304
  6. 0305
  7. 0306
  8. 0307
  9. 0308
  10. 0309 

Warid Sim Codes

0320 which network code, Warid provides high-quality services and excellent call quality to its subscribers. Warid was one of the first telecom companies in Pakistan to launch 4G LTE services, providing faster internet connectivity to its users. In November 2015, Warid Telecom merged with Mobilink.

Here are the Warid network code series lists

  1. 0320
  2. 0321
  3. 0322
  4. 0323
  5. 0324
  6. 0325
  7. 0326
  8. 0327
  9. 0328
  10. 0329 

Zong sim codes List 

0310 which network code, Zong is a famous mobile network that is operating in Pakistan. It is one of the country’s largest and most popular telecommunications companies. 

Zong sim number starts with the code series “031″

  Code List:

Here is the Zong network codes list:

  1. 0310
  2. 0311
  3. 0312
  4. 0313
  5. 0314
  6. 0315
  7. 0316
  8. 0317
  9. 0318
  10. 0319 

Telenor codes List

Telenor is a famous telecommunications company that operates in multiple countries across Europe and Asia. It was founded in Norway in 1855. It provides a wide range of services.

Code List:

  1. 0340
  2. 0341
  3. 0342
  4. 0343
  5. 0344
  6. 0345
  7. 0346
  8. 0347
  9. 0348
  10. 0349

SCOM Codes List

which network code is 0355, SCOM (Special Communications Organization) is a telecommunications company that operates in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir regions of Pakistan. SCOM is a government-owned organization that provides telecommunication services in the mountain areas. scom number check code

Code List:

  1. 0355

Please keep in mind a few things that Sim codes can change over time as new services are introduced or existing ones are modified.


We have tried to explain all network codes. We hope you like this article For the latest and most accurate  SIM codes we will recommend visiting all network official websites. They will provide you with the current USSD codes for various services. you can also share this information with others

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