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Jazz Youtube Packages 2023 – Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

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About jazz YouTube packages

Jazz youtube packages have introduced different hourly, daily, weekly, and Monthly YouTube packages because people use YouTube a lot nowadays and that’s why Jazz has launched a Jazz Youtube Package for its customers. YouTube is considered the most popular social media platform for sharing and discovering music.

YouTube is an amazing entertainment platform to share videos and upload videos. Users can upload their own videos or watch videos uploaded by others.

Categories of Jazz YouTube packages 

We have divided Jazz YouTube packages  into 4 categories 

  1. Hourly YouTube Package
  2. Daily YouTube Package
  3. Weekly YouTube Packages
  4. Monthly YouTube Packages

Hourly YouTube Package

Jazz Hourly YouTube Package consists of 2 hours the users can use this offer only for 2 hours. The bundle is especially useful for those people who want to stay connected for a limited time at the lowest rates. you can use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp service for the specific time period. 

PricePKR 3.59
Data1.5 GB data
Validity2 hour
subscription code*3000#
Status Check code*320*2#

Daily YouTube Packages 

Jazz Daily YouTube & Social Bundle Package

Jaz brings  Daily YouTube & Social Bundle Package which includes  1.5 GB DATA. The cost of this package is Rs.23 (Incl. Tax). Now everyone can Enjoy Facebook, WhatsApp & Youtube for the whole day.

PricePKR 23 rupees
Data1.5 GB data
Validity1 Day
subscription code*968# 
Status Check code*968*2#

Weekly YouTube Packages

Jazz offered 5 GB  data for  YouTube, IMO, WhatsApp, and Facebook only at Rs.120.To activate this offer dial you have to Dail *660# code. you can also check the number of remaining MBs by dialing the code *660*2#.

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PricePKR 120 rupees
Data5 GB data
Validity7 Days
subscription code*660#
Status Check code*660*2#

Monthly YouTube Packages

Monthly YouTube & social offer 

Jazz Introduces Monthly YouTube & social offers to its customers. It gives you 15 GB DATA  for YouTube Facebook, Whatsapp, and IMO and 50 other network minutes, 500 jazz minutes, and 500 sms for 30 days. The price of this offer is Rs.390.00 Incl. tax

PricePKR 23 rupees
Data15 GB data
Validity30 Days
subscription code*620#
Status Check code*620*2#

Jazz Monthly Youtube Package

Jazz users can subscribe to this offer for 30 days. It gives you 2 GB data for a whole month.

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PriceRs 89
Data2 GB data
Validity1 month (30 days) 
subscription code*709#
Status Check code*709*2#


We have tried to share the most up-to-date information about the current offerings and pricing for YouTube packages. No doubt, YouTube is a treasure of a vast variety of content, such as music videos, vlogs, tutorials, movie trailers, live streams, educational videos, comedy videos, gaming videos, and much more.

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