Jazz TikTok Packages

Jazz TikTok Packages 2023 Hourly, Daily & Monthly

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Jazz has introduced the TikTok Packages in 2023 Hourly, Daily & Monthly to their users. Now TikTok users can avail of these offers. TikTok is a social media service that is used for social sharing purposes.

TikTok was launched in September 2016 by the Chinese company ByteDance.TikTok is a type of social media platform that allows users to create and share short-form videos.

Categories of Jazz TikTok packages 

Here are 4 categories of TikTok packages.

  1. Hourly TikTok Package
  2. Daily TikTok Package
  3. Weekly TikTok Packages
  4. Monthly TikTok Packages

Hourly TikTok Package

Jazz gives you 250 Jazz minutes and 200 SMS 2GB data for TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Jazz Hourly TikTok l Package can be subscribed to by Dialing code*555#.  it is valid for 2 hours. This is not available between 6 PM to 9 PM.

Package Name:Friend GupShup Offer
Data:10 GB Data
Price:PKR 15
Validity:2 hours
Status Code:*555*2#

Daily TikTok Package

Now Jazz users can use “TikTok” on a daily basis and can receive 3000 Mbps. The TikTok Package price is only  Rs 5. and it is valid for one day. It can be subscribed by Dialing *117*31# this code.

Package Name:Daily TikTok
Data:30 Mbps data
Price:Rs 5
Validity:1 Day
SUB-Code: *117*31#
Status Code:*117*31*2#

Jazz Daily TikTok Package

TikTok package jazz code brought another package for you. You can use this offer on a daily basis. You have to Dial this code*114*5#  to subscribe to this offer. After the subscription, you will get   30 Mbps 4G internet services. The cost of this bundle is  27 rupees and it is valid for  1 day.

Package Name:Daily browser offer
Data:30 Mbps
Price:PKR 27
Validity:1 Day
Status Code:*114*5*2#

Jazz Monthly TikTok  Package

Jazz brings a Monthly Social Plus Offer with 10 GB data for the whole month. Jazz users can get 10 GB Data on Whatsapp, TikTok, IMO, and Facebook. After subscribing to this offer you will get 300 Jazz Mins,50 Other Network Minutes, and 1000 SMS for only Rs 215.

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Package Name:Social plus offer
Data:30 GB DATA 
Price:Rs 215
Validity:30 Day
Status Code:*617*2#


We hope you like this article. We all know it is the age of social media services and everyone is using social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram youtube, etc. No doubt, TikTok provides a wide range of creative tools, filters, effects, and music options.

The users can create their TikTok videos up to 60 seconds in length. They can also record videos directly in the app or upload pre-recorded content.

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