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Jazz 3 Day Call Package 2024- 3 Day Max Offer

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Jazz keeps introducing new and amazing packages. 3 day jazz call package gives you  1000 On-net minutes, 10 off-net minutes, 1 GB of internet Data, and 1000 SMS for 3 days  The charges  of the 3 day call package is  60 rupees.incl. tax. Dial *631# to activate this bundle.

Jazz 3 Day Call Packages 

If we talk about the 3 days call packages. 

There are two types of bundles: one 

  1. Jazz 3 day call package 
  2.  jazz 3 day Max Offer.

The 3 Day call package offered to you by Jazz.It’s Fulfill all your data and calling needs. This bundle also  gives you discounted call rates and various other benefits. 

2.  jazz 3 day Max Offer.

The  activation Code  of this  offer is *631#. Whenever you want to subscribe to it. you can easily avail it by dialing this code. jazz call packages

Jazz 3 Day Max Offer Details

Here are the key features of this offer 

Jazz Minutes:                   1000

SMS:                                  1000

DATA:                                        1 GB

Price:                                Rs. 60

Validity:                           3 days

Subscribe code :           *631#

Unsubscribe code :      *631*4#

Status check code :      *631*2#

Call setup charges

The call setup charge  of PKR 0.15 is applicable on every “Gupshup” offer.

Jazz 3 Day Call Package Rs. 36

Jazz  has brought another 3-day package for its customers. which you get for just Rs 36.This offer is very beneficial  for those customers who save their money because  it’s rate is  very affordable.

Now it depends on the customers which package they want to use.You can  subscribe 3 day offer by Dialing *211# code. The unsubscribe code is *211*4#

Jazz 3 Day Package Details

Charges                    36 Rupees

Validity.                        7 Days

On-net Minutes        500 Minutes

Off Net Minutes.         0 Minutes

SMS                               0 SMS

Internet MBs                0 MBs

Jazz 3 Days Call Package Code and Price

Jazz 3 Day Call Package offers 1000 MBs  for 3 days. You can also get  1000 Jazz minutes, 10 other network minutes, and 1000 SMS. The price of the 3-day max offer is just 60 rupees.

The other offer is also called a 3 day call package which gives you 500 Minutes for 2 Days for just 36 Rupees . The subscribe code of this bundle is *211#

Jazz 3 Days Call Package Activation Methods 

Two methods are used for the activation process. 

  1. Code Dialing
  2. Jazz world App 
  1. Code Dialing Method 

you have to dial a  specific code and follow the on-screen instructions. But please keep in mind that codes and procedures can change.

  1. Jazz World App 

You can easily  activate a package through the Jazz World App

How to Activate 3 Days Call Packages?

You can  dial its subscription code

Jazz 3 day  package  code is *356#

jazz 3 day Max Offer Code is *631#

Terms and Conditions

  1. It is limited time offer 
  2. All  jazz Prepaid users can use this bundle 
  3. The Multiple subscriptions are allowed
  4. The offer  will not  be subscribed automatically 
  5. It is a non-recursive offer and you have to  Dail *356# again to get it
  6. All call setup charges Rs 0.15  will be included.

Jazz always fulfills its customers’ needs.All those users   who love to talk on calls and get connected with their relatives can activate this offer 

We have shared this information according to  its current features, pricing. For further and upcoming information  you can visit the official Jazz website.


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