Jazz free internet code 2023

Jazz Free Internet Code 2023

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jazz free internet code list

In this article I will share with you some tips and tricks related to Jazz free internet codes .these codes are 100% valid and authentic. In today’s modern age, everyone is using the internet. It has become a part of everyone’s life, it is impossible to do any work without the Internet.

Jazz is providing a variety of internet packages including daily, weekly, and monthly. Both Jazz and Warid have merged and performed together.

Introduction Jazz free internet code 2023

As we know that jazz provides many facilities for its customers, Similarly, Jazz has introduced free internet service for its customers Now everyone can benefit from the free internet services. If you want to get this facility then you have to dial some codes for activation, after dialing them you can avail of the free internet facility.

How can you use Jazz free internet service?

To get free internet service you have to dial some codes to activate this service. Let’s discuss this in detail.

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Jazz Free Internet Categories

1. Jazz free 500 MBs:
2. jazz 300 GBs free internet- JAZZ X NESTLE
3. Jazz Veon Free MBs
4. Jazz World APP Free MBs:
5. Free Whatsapp MBs.
6. 6. Jazz New Sim offers Free MBs
7. jazz 4G SIM Offer free internet
8. Free Facebook offer

1. Jazz free 500 MBs
Activation code

*117*72*3#. By dialing this code you can get 500 Free Mbs for 10 days without any additional charges.


500 Mbs.


10 days.



How To Get 500 Free MBs

Here is a process to activate this offer
● Firstly Dial code *117*72*3#
● A notification message will be received
● If you will eligible for this offer you will get 500 MBs.

2. jazz 300 GBs free internet- JAZZ X NESTLE

Nestle is providing free internet data to its users. customers can get 300 GBs of the internet a year free.

Activation Code:

You can see the code behind the Fruita Vitals pack and scratch it the code is redeemed on *145* 12-digit code #.

Free Internet:                                                validity:
50 MB                                                                     1 day
100 MB                                                                  1 day
500 MB                                                                  1 day
1 GB                                                                          2 day
300 GB                                                                    1 year
All the above codes are used once. And this offer is only for jazz prepaid customers.

3. Jazz Veon Free MBs:

Jazz Veon Is another offer by Jazz by which you will get 100 Mbs for free. You can use this app for free on the Jazz Network.

How To Use Jazz Veon Free MBs?

Here is a process to use Veon Free MBs.
● Install Veon App from the Play Store
● Open this app and register on this app for free
● Set your password and log in
● If you will register you get free 100 MBs.

4. World APP Free MBs

Jazz users can get free internet through the Jazz World App. This App consists of different useful features.
1. People can check the remaining Jazz Mbs for free.
2. check call, SMS, and Internet History with this app free.
3. Jazz users can get free data first for the installation
4. This App provides Free MBs daily.

How To Use Jazz World App?

1. Download Jazz World App from the play store
2. Register your account with your number
3. You will get 500 Free MBs
4. Click on daily rewards to get your daily free MBs
5. Now you can enjoy free internet
5. Free Whatsapp MBs.
Jazz free Whatsapp code is *225#. Here is another offer by Jazz by which you will get 25 Mbs
whenever you make a call. So here is

How To Activate Jazz Free WhatsApp MBs?

Users can get up to 250MBs per day by this method
1. Dial this code *225#
2. After Dialing this code You will receive a confirmation message
3. You have successfully gotten 25 MBs
6. Jazz New Sim Free MBs
When you purchased a new Jazz SIM. The company gives you free MBs.This offer is for new jazz customers. The new users will get 1500 free MBs (except 9 pm-1 am) for 60 Days.

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How To Activate Jazz New Sim free Internet Code

1. Dial *989# code for activation. After activation,
2. you will receive free minutes and SMS.
3. Free 1500 On-net Minutes (6 pm – 10 pm)
4. All network 1500 SMS
5. Free 1.5 GB internet data
6. This offer is valid only for 7 days.
7. Now enjoy this service

7. jazz free Facebook code

This is a free opportunity for those people who use Facebook.

Activation process

Dialing *117*4#. Code for activation. It is completely free and You can enjoy this service.

8. Jazz Free YouTube Code

This offer is for those users who want to use Free YouTube without any extra charges.

Activation process

Dial *117*89# from your jazz sim to activate this offer.

Do jazz remaining MBs check?

When you install a jazz world App you will receive 500 MBs and free MBS daily. install the jazz word app here you can check the remaining MBS, SMS, minutes, balance, etc.


Jazz is one of the fastest 3G and 4G network providers in Pakistan. This company is providing
many free internet packages to its customers.

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