apply JazzCash Child Protection Plan

How to apply JazzCash Child Protection Plan (2023)

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Apply JazzCash Child Protection Plan

Jazz Brings Child Protection Plan In this article, we will discuss in detail the Child Protection Plan is Child Protection Plan, How to apply JazzCash Child Protection Plan, and what are its benefits and rules, and regulations.


Child Protection Plan provides protection for children’s future. If Policyholders die or become permanently disabled due to an Accident then jazz will provide RS. 400,000 for child protection.
This financial protection is provided in case of Death or Permanent Disability of the Policy Holder due to an accident.


Child Protection Plan is an insurance policy in which Family owners whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents have to pay RS.399 per year. if you die in an accident or become disabled, your children will get a protection of Rs.4 lac.

Jazz Cash and Mobilink Microfinance Bank’ are distributors of the Child Protection Plan. Chubb Insurance Pakistan Limited is responsible for handling and paying all the claims

The duration of this insurance policy is for one year which jazz provides protection for your children. This plan is for those people who die or become permanently disabled due to an accident.

Duration period

The time period of this policy is one year

subscription fee

The subscription fee for this policy is 399 rupees. You have to pay Rs.399 Charges for 1 year.

Who are eligible

Who’s those aged between 18 to 68 years can avail of this insurance plan.
You cannot get this plan below 18 years of age nor can you get this after 68 years of age.

Cash benefit

Jazz Child Protection Plan provides a financial benefit of Rs. 400,000 in case of Accidental Death and Permanent Disability due to an accident. The payment of Rs. 400,000 will be provided to the Insured’s Children.

Benefits of Child Protection Plan

  1. No Medical Examination is required to enroll
    2. Paper-less enrolment
    3. Only 399 Charges for 1 year.

How to apply JazzCash Child Protection Plan

Signup Process

There are two processes for signup

  1. Customers who do not have a JazzCash Mobile Account can dial *786# from their biometrically verified Jazz SIM.
  2. JazzCash Mobile Account customers can subscribe to JazzCash Child Protection Plan by simply dialing *786*7*3*1*4# from their Jazz sim

How to subscribe

Here are some simple steps to activate this insurance plan.

  1. Dial the *786* code from your mobile
  2. All options are available here now select 8 number option (savings and insurance)
  3. Select 5 number option (child protection plan )
  4. After that, a message will appear (Purchase child protection plan for RS.399 with 14 days money back guarantee: to confirm enter MPIN)
  5. After entering MPIN number RS.399 will be deducted from your jazz cash account.
  6. Your child protection plan has been successfully subscribed

Important Information

This plan is only for those people who die or become permanently disabled due to an accident.

This insurance plan is not for those people who belong to the following conditions.

  1. Pregnancy or Childbirth
  2. Suicide
  3. War
  4. Military Service
  5. Mental or Nervous Disorder
  6. Drug Addiction and Alcoholism
  7. Death or Disability due to preexisting disease.
  8. Natural Death

Cancellation process

you can easily cancel this plan. The jazz gives you 14 days’ time. If you want to cancel this plan then you
can cancel this plan within 14 days and you will be refunded Rs 399.

Claim process

Chubb Insurance Pakistan Limited is responsible for handling and paying all the claims. You can call Chubb Insurance toll-free number 0800 54321 or UAN 021-111-789-789 For claims and requests.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The time Duration of the insurance is for 1 year
  2. The Enrolment Age Limit should be between 18 to 68 years
  3. A Policyholder shall not be covered under more than one Child Protection Plan offered by Chubb Insurance.

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