Jazz Monthly SMS Package

Jazz 10000 SMS Package Monthly Code 30 Rupees

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jazz 10,000 SMS Package Monthly code 2023

Now Jazz gives a new offer Jazz 10000 sms Package Monthly. As we know, Jazz offers different types of sms packages to meet the customer’s needs. There are many different packages, but figuring out which sms package is best can be confusing.

In this article, we will provide you with all the valid and complete information about the Jazz Monthly SMS Package just 30 Rupees Code. How can you get this package for only 30 Rupees? This offer gives you a 10000 sms facility for 30 days

jazz monthly SMS Package in 30 rupees

WhatsApp is the biggest social media platform to connect with friends and family at any time. People can share photos, and make audio and video calls through WhatsApp. Jazz monthly Sms package Consist of 30 days.

Basically, this Jazz Monthly SMS package in 20 rupees is known as Make Your Own Bundle, The customers have the freedom and convenience to make their own bundles. Customers can Dail *303#, and select their preferred validity & incentives personalized bundles. It gives you Unlimited data, Jazz Mins, Other Network Minutes, and SMS. Its validity can be 30 Days. 1 Day,7 Days, etc.

Jazz Make Your Own Bundle

Jazz Make Your Own Bundle means that jazz customers can activate the packages as per their choice and requirements.

The Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 70 rupees This offer is very interesting because of As per customer Selection. Its Subscription Code is *303#. And it depends on the customer for how many days they want to activate this package. It can be 1 Day,7 Days, and 30 Days.


  1. It’s Subscription Code (*303#)
  2. Its Status Code is (*303*30#). 
  3. The Validity of this offer is (30 days)
  4. The price of this offer is only (30) Rupees 

How to Subscribe?

You can Dial Subscription Code *303# from their sim to activate this offer.

Activation Process

Basically, You have to create this package yourself. For this, you have to use the “Jazz Make Your Own Bundle” Method. This is a special service of jazz. You can create your own Sms, Call, and Internet bundles

Here are a few steps to activate this package:

  1. Firstly Dail *303# code
  2. After typing 3 and selecting 30 days
  3. Now Write 1 to continue
  4. Then Write 0 for next.
  5. Write 0 again and click on send
  6. Now type 10000 and send
  7. Type for confirmation
  8.  Congratulations you have successfully activated Jazz monthly Sms package

How to check the remaining Status?

Customers can check the remaining status by dialing (*303*30#) this code


Things keep changing and modifying with time. Because Jazz brings new updates with time That’s why package prices can be changed at any time.

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Terms & Conditions
  1. This package name is “Jazz Make Your Own Bundle”
  2.  This is an auto-customized bundle.
  3. It is valid for 30 days After 30 days, the offer will automatically expire.
  4. Subscribers must have 149 in the account to activate this offer
  5. This offer can be activated from the “Jazz World App”.
  6.  To subscribe to this offer dial *303# code
  7. To check remaining data dial *303*30#.

After activation, You can send SMS to all local network free of cost


This article consists of 100 percent accurate and valid information. Jazz 30 rupees sms package provides you with an Unlimited SMS facility. This bundle is specially designed to meet the increasing demand of customers. The best thing about this offer is that This is a very reasonable offer because this Monthly package is available for just 30 rupees.

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