Jazz Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees

Jazz Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees Code 2023

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In this article, we will discuss in detail the Jazz Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees which is available at a very low price. Jaz has many monthly call packages with different prices and features. but among them, this monthly offer is very beneficial. This fantastic monthly offer consists of off-net and on-net minutes, SMS and MBs, etc.

Jazz Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees

Jazz Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees Code activation cost is very low and affordable because you can activate this package only for Rs 100 rupees. Jazz users can now benefit from it for a whole month. The users can Dial *614# and receive 4GB data,2000 SMS, 300 On-Net, and 40 Off-Net Minutes.

The jazz monthly package Consists of 30 days. The advantage of this package is that you can use it easily for the whole month. Many people prefer the monthly call package because they get the entire month hassle-free.

How To Activate Jazz Monthly Call Package in 100 Rupees

If you want to Subscribe to the Jazz 100 Rupees Call Package you have to Dail *614# code from your Mobile.

How To Check Remaining Package Minutes?

If you want to check package status details simply you have to Dial the *614*2# code from your mobile. The package status will appear and you can check the remaining MBs etc.

Jazz 30 Days Call Package Details

  • 2000 SMS facility:
  • It provides 2000 SMS for only 100 Rupees. Jazz users can get 2000 SMS across all networks for Rs 100 at Avery’s affordable price
  • 2. 4GB Data:
  • The monthly call package provides 4 GB of Data to their customers. It gives you 4GB data (WhatsApp + IMO)
  • 3. 300 On-net Minutes:
  • This offer provides 300 on-net minutes.
  • 4. 40 Off-net Minutes:
  • This offer provides 40 on-net minutes.
  • 5. Validity:
  • It is valid for 30 days.
  • 6. Price:
  • The price of this package is only 100 rupees.
  • 7. Balance Required:
  • Subscribers must have 149 in the account to activate this offer.

Jazz Monthly Call Package Code

Users can Dial this code *614#

Jazz Package Activation methods:

Three methods are used to activate this package

  1. Jazz world App
  2. Code Dialing method
  3. Helpline

If you want to activate any jazz package you can use the jazz world App, code Dialing, and helpline method.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Company has the right to amend its Terms and Conditions. Because the company has the right to implement taxes on bundles.
  2. This bundle is valid for 30 days After 30 days, the offer will automatically expire.
  3. Subscribers must have 149 in the account to activate this offer
  4. Jazz World App is also used to activate this offer
  5.  The remaining MBs can be checked by dialing *614*2#


  1. I want to say that people take advantage of this golden chance. People can stay connected with on-network and off-network numbers through Jazz Monthly Call Package. After activating this package you get 4G data Which consists of WhatsApp + IMO and Off + On Network Minutes. Enjoy this offer.

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