JazzCash international Remittance

JazzCash international Remittance offer 2023 

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JazzCash International Remittance

JazzCash now brings you the “JazzCash international Remittance Service” it is a secure, reliable, and instant money transfer service that enables users to receive money directly in their JazzCash mobile account.

For international remittance payments, we had to go to the bank but jazz has introduced an international remittance service keeping in mind our convenience. This is an amazing service because you can receive money directly in your JazzCash mobile account. This has made it easier to receive remittances from other countries.

Introduction about JazzCash international Remittance

Remittance is an amount of money that is sent from abroad. Basically, this money is sent to another country. The sender is a foreign worker and the recipient is a relative in the recipient’s home country.

Money sent home from abroad is very important because These things greatly improve living standards in less developed countries.

Easypaisa International Remittance is becoming more and more important nowadays. Most people are living in less developed countries. They rely on these remittances as their main source of income.

what is a Home remittance account?

A home remittance account is an international account that is used to receive foreign payments.

You have to Open your Jazz home remittance account. This will be your International Account in which you can receive remittance Payments.

How to convert a Jazz cash account into a home remittance account

You can also Convert your Jazz Cash account into an international remittance account. Biometric verification is required to convert this account.


Here are two methods for converting a jazz cash account into a home remittance account.

  1. Visit the nearest franchise
  2. Helpline number

Amount limit

There is no daily or monthly limit to receiving international payments

Cash Out Limit

  1. Daily limit 50,0000 rupees.
  2. Monthly limit 5,00000 rupees.

So You can withdraw Daily 50,0000 rupees and Monthly 5,00000 rupees. you can also transfer these amounts from another bank account

How to receive international payments in Pakistan

There are two ways to withdraw international payments

  1.  Jazz cash franchise
  2. Jazz Debit card

1 Jazz cash franchise

You can go to the jazz franchise and withdraw money from the jazz cash counter.

2. Jazz Debit card

You can use a Jazz debit card and withdraw money from an ATM machine

Jazz IBAN number

This number is very important for international fund transfers. Your transaction is identified and completed through this IBN number. JazzCash to JazzCash transfer charges

Jazz IBAN number


Countries list

This service will work in more than fifty countries. People living in these countries can send international remittance payments to Pakistan.

Here is the complete list of countries from where payments can be received including

  1. Spain
  2. Sweden
  3. Switzerland
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. United Kingdom
  6. United States
  7. Antigua
  8. Australia
  9. Bahrain
  10. Belgium
  11. Brunei
  12. Canada
  13. Denmark
  14. Gambia
  15. Greece
  16. Guyana
  17. HongKong
  18. Israel
  19. Italy
  20. Japan
  21. Jordan
  22. Kuwait
  23. Malaysia
  24. Mexico
  25. NewZealand
  26. Oman
  27. Panama
  28. Peru
  29. Philippines
  30. Qatar
  31. Saudi Arabia
  32. Seychelles
  33. Singapore
  34. Spain
  35. StKitts
  36. Switzerland
  37. Taiwan
  38. UAE
  39. Uruguay
  40. USA
  41. Venezuela
  42. Malaysia
  43. United States of America
  44. United Kingdom
  45. UAE
  46. Kenya
  47. Nigeria
  48. Zambia
  49. Uganda
  50. Tanzania
  51. Ivory Coast
  52. Zimbabwe
  53. Finland

Important note

  1. You cannot deposit money from Pakistan. The amount can be Deposited only from abroad.
  2. There is no need to pay any fee for this.
  3.  within thirty minutes the money will be transferred.

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