Jazz Slypee Service Unsubscribe Code

Jazz Slypee Service Unsubscribe Code New method 2023 

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About Jazz Slypee Service

We will talk about “Jazz Slypee Service” Unsubscribe Code 2023. Sometimes many unnecessary services are activated on our SIM number and because of these unnecessary services, your account balance is deducted from your sim.

If this service is activated on your number then we will tell you how you can deactivate this service through different and easy methods.

What is Jazz Slypee Service?

Jazz Slypee is an online entertainment service. People can watch movies, videos, pictures, listen to songs and play and download games, etc. Jazz Slypee Service is an amazing service for enjoying. But the biggest disadvantage of this service is that your sim balance is deducted on a daily basis.

Jazz Slypee Daily Charges

If this service is activated on your number You have to Rs 4+tax daily. Hence the monthly charges of Rs 120+tax. It’s better to unsubscribe from this service to avoid the balance deduction.

Jazz Slypee Service Unsubscribe Code details

How to Unsubscribe Jazz Slypee service

Do you want to deactivate Jazz Slypee? We will share Jazz Slypee Service Unsubscribe methods details. The main reason behind the deactivation of Jazz Slypee is that your account balance is deducted from your sim. The deduction charges of this service are Rs 4+ tax per day.

Jazz Slypee service Unsubscription methods

We will share with you some simple and easy tricks to unsubscribe Jazz Slypee service.

Three methods are used to deactivate this service. All Jazz prepaid and postpaid users use these methods

  1. Helpline Method
  2. Online website method
  3. Code Dialing method

1. Helpline Method

If you want to unsubscribe jazz slypee service then you can easily contact the helpline number. The jazz representative will assist you with the deactivation process

Follow these steps

  1. Firstly, call on 111 number
  2. Talk to a representative and tell them that you want to deactivate this service
  3. You have to provide some important information
  4. After all process, your Jazz Slypee service will be deactivated
  5. All prices and taxes will be included in it

2. Online website method

This is a very simple and easy method to unsubscribe from this service

Here are a few steps please follow these steps to subscribe to this service

  1. Visit the official website of Jazz Slypee https://jazz.slypee.pk/#app_id
  2. After that click on the plus button on the screen right side
  3. The options will appear you have to select the question mark option
  4. Then open the support tab
  5. Now enter your personal details, your name, email, etc.
  6. Now type a message that I want to unsubscribe from the jazz Slypee service and enter the phone number
  7. Click on the send button
  8. After the completion of the whole process, you have to wait a few minutes
  9. Congratulations you have successfully unsubscribed from this service

3. Code Dialing method

Please follow these steps to subscribe Jazz Slypee service

  1. Open your mobile phone message app.
  2. Type the List and send it to 6611.
  3. You will receive a list of Packages.
  4. Reply to this message by typing the Unsub package name.
  5. Send “Unsub” to 9825 from your prepaid Jazz SIM
  6. Now you will deactivate your package.
  7. After a few seconds, this service will be deactivated automatically

Jazz Slypee is an expensive service because you have to pay additional charges to use this app So it is better for you to get rid of it and avoid unnecessary charges We hope you like this article Please share this information with others and keep enjoying jazz services

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