How to Get Jazz Cash Debit Card in 2023

How to Get Jazz Cash Debit Card in 2023

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How to Get a Jazz Cash Debit Card in 2023

in this article, I will guide you on How to apply for or get a Jazz debit card. Jazz debit cards provide facilitation to its users to send and receive money, pay utility bills, make donations, and many more.

Jazz Cash introduced Virtual and Debit cards in September 2021. Jazz has come up with an amazing debit Card offer for its customers. Jazz cash debit card is a new service that is offered
by Jazz for its users.

Once your card is dispatched to your provided address, you will receive this card. If a customer has a Jazz Cash Mobile Account they will get this debit card free of cost by dialing *786# by Jazz/ Warid subscribers through biometric verification. Currently, Jazz Cash Debit Cards are only valid for purchases within Pakistan.

Who can Get a Jazz Cash Debit Card?

Anyone who has a Jazz Cash Mobile Account can get a debit card.

How much is the fee for a debit card?

JazzCash Debit Card charges are Rs 599. These charges will be deducted from your Jazz Cash Mobile Account after the confirmation order.

How to Apply or Get a Jazz Debit Card

There are two methods to get a debit card :
1. Jazz Cash Mobile App Method.
2. Official website Method.

How to get a Jazz cash debit card through the Official website Method?

The procedure is very simple and easy. It will take a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step process.

jazz cash debit card tracking

● Visit the jazz cash official website
● Go to the Visa debit card page.
● Click on the “order now” option
● Enter your mobile account number and CNIC number in the given fields and click on the next button
● Recheck your full name if it is as per CNIC or not.
● You will be redirected to another page here to fill in your personal information.
● Select your city and location, then enter your house address.
● Check all the details and click on “verify address and proceed”.
● Finally, confirm the debit card order.
● After 15 days of confirmation debit card will arrive at your address.

1. Mobile App Method:

The second way to apply for your Jazz Cash debit card is to download the Jazz Cash mobile app.
● Login to the Jazz Cash App
● Click on the menu sign.
● Scroll down to the Jazz Cash Visa Debit Card option and click on it.
● Tap on “order now”
● Select your city and the area you are currently living in.
● Then enter your home address and email in the required field.
● After entering all of the necessary information, tap the right arrow to go to the next step.

jazz cash debit card charges

When an order is completed then 600 RS. will be deducted from your Jazz Cash account. After 15 days, you will receive your Jazz Cash debit card at your address.

Official Website:

For further details about this facility of Jazz Cash, you can visit their official website and learn more about it.

jazz cash debit card details:

● There is no monthly or annual fee for this service.
● Users can get a free SMS alert notification
● The debit card is valid at over 50,000 retail shops.
● It offers you a daily withdrawal and shopping limit of Rs. 50,000
● Users can withdraw money from any ATM in Pakistan.
● it will take 15 working days to deliver the card to your provided address.

Important Instructions:
  • If you forget the card PIN You can call the helpline. After verification, you can change your Card PIN.
  • If you lost your card and you have to immediately block the card dial the *786*6*4*3# code from your mobile.
  • Other network users can block their cards by using Jazz Cash App or by calling helpline 4444.
How to protect the card from skimming and fraudulent:

Here are some basic instructions if you follow these instructions you can protect your card from skimming:
1. Never share your PIN and Don’t tell anyone your PIN,
2. Avoid outdoor ATMs. ATM at the branch, inside the mall, is generally safer
3. Check your account statement because it is a good habit
4. Report suspicious activity Immediately call


Jazz debit card provides convenient payment transactions to their users. Any jazz user can get this debit card. Everyone can make money transactions easily with the help of this card. Now customers can send their money to any bank or pay bills and much more through a Jazz debit card.

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