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4 Best ways to Deposit Money Through Easypaisa App

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4 Best Ways to transfer money Through Easypaisa App

Easypaisa app has become the NO.1 payment App in Pakistan. Easypaisa offers the First mobile banking services in Pakistan. This is the largest and most comprehensive app. Easypaisa quickly evolved as the biggest digital payment network in Pakistan.

What is an Easypaisa mobile account?

Deposit Money in Your Easypaisa Account An Easypaisa mobile account is an easy-to-use mobile account, available for all networks. You can make all kinds of payments with your account. There’s no documentation required. Users from all mobile networks can create and use Easypaisa mobile accounts by downloading the Easypaisa app on their mobile phones from the App Store.

Purpose of Easypaisa

The sole purpose of technology is to bring comfort to human lives. We believe matters of money should be no different. Easypaisa has made things easier for people.

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Easypaisa Offers Amazing Features

Some amazing features of the Easypaisa App are the following
● Fingerprint and face login
● Discount on mobile bundle
● Depositing cash easy
● Users can track their transaction history and receipt
● Users can deposit cash with ease
● People can pay utility bills, send gifts, win rewards and cashback
● electricity bills, gas, water or telephone bills can be paid through this amazing app
● It offers special discounted bundles from all mobile networks in Pakistan
● User can easily recharge from home

How to send money with the Easypaisa app?

There are 4 ways to send money with Easypaisa App

4 ways to send money

1. Send Money to Mobile Wallet.
2. Send Money to Bank (IBFT)
3. Send Money to CNIC.
4. Send Money to Whatsapp.

Money Transfer process

1. Send Money to Mobile Wallet

Transfer money from your Easypaisa mobile account to another Easypaisa mobile account
quickly in just a few steps.

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Here are some simple steps To send money to follow these steps

1. First download the Easypaisa App
2. Go to Send Money option
3. from the home screen on the phone
4. Then Select the “Easypaisa” option
5. Enter the number of persons to whom you want to transfer money.
6. Enter Amount(1500) and confirm details.
7. Confirm the amount and payment details
8. Now payment will be sent in real time
9. Save or share Receipt Easily

2. Send Money to Bank

Users can Send funds from their Easypaisa account to any bank account in just a few taps. To send money to a Bank Account you have to follow these steps:
1. Select Send Money option
2. Select “Bank Transfer”
3. Select the relevant receiver bank
4. Enter the receiver’s “bank account number” and “purpose of Payment
5. Enter the amount
6. Confirm details
7. Transaction process has been successful

3. Send Money to CNIC

Now people can send money to CNIC all over Pakistan from Easypaisa mobile account. To send money to a CNIC, follow these steps:
1. Go to “Send Money” from the home screen of a mobile
2. Select “CNIC Transfer”
3. Enter the receiver CNIC and mobile number
4. Enter the Amount and confirm the details
5. Confirm the amount and Payment details
6. Your Payment will be sent

4. Send Money to WhatsApp

Sending money through WhatsApp is now possible with Easypaisa
To send money on Whatsapp from
your Easypaisa account, follow these steps:
1. Select Easypaisa from the home screen
2. Enter the mobile number to which you want to send money
3. If the receiver does not have an Easypaisa mobile account, send money via WhatsApp
4. Enter the amount and confirm the details
5. Select send via WhatsApp
6. Now transaction will
7. be processed


No doubt, People can transfer money without any loss or fear. You can send money to anyone you want, on any network, on any number no matter where you are and what time it is. Easypaisa is responsible to provide accounts with foolproof security and Provide awareness messaging to protect against suspicious and fraudulent processes. It is totally safe and secure App

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