Jazz Balance Share Code | How to Share Jazz Balance 2023

Jazz Balance Share Code | How to Share Jazz Balance 2023

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Jazz has introduced a balance-sharing facility for their prepaid and postpaid customers. Sometimes we don’t have balance in our sim and we need balance to make a quick call then sharing balance is a very good facility for that.

Jazz Balance Share Code 2023 Complete Guide

In this article, we will describe all the details related to the jazz balance share. The Jazz Sharing balance process is convenient and flexible. users can share a balance of any amount ranging from Rs.15 to Rs.500. The amount of 6.56 (incl. tax) will charge on the balance share for prepaid subscribers. You can also maximum per share limited PKR 500 in one day.

Jazz Balance Share is an amazing facility that can help you share a balance from one Jazz sim to another sim. It is a very wonderful service. Sometimes you don’t have balance and you need balance So you can share balance with the help of Jazz Balance Sharing service.

How to Share Jazz Balance

Service Charges:

Dear Customer, Tariff of your existing Jazz share offer has been revised from Rs.6.56/day to Rs.7.50/day incl tax. Effective from 04th April 2023.

Jazz Balance Share Transaction Limit

You can share balance amounts ranging from Rs. 15 to Rs. 500 per transaction.

Daily Limit

The maximum sharing limit and daily sharing limit are Rs. 500.

Jazz Balance Share Code

Jazz balance share code is *100*92300XXXXXXX*Amount#.

Jazz Balance Sharing Method

We will explain it with some easy steps

Step 1:

Simply Dial *100*<9230XXXXXXXX> *amount# and your balance will be shared. Here is an example.


*100*923001111111*200# After this, confirmation will have to be sent by replying with 1

Step 2:

Dial balance share code *100# from your phone:

Step 3:

Write the mobile number of the recipient. (030445….)

Step 4:

Enter the amount that you want to send. (50)

Step 5:

When the balance is transferred, both the sender & receiver received a confirmation message.

Minimum Jazz balance share

You can send a minimum of 15 rupes to 500rupes jazz to jazz.

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How to Make Jazz Share Request

If you are out of balance and you want to request your friends and family to send your mobile balance then we will explain the complete method of Jazz Sharing. Simply dial *107# and enter the mobile number of your friends or family to make a Jazz share balance request.

You can only make 5 requests in a day. Other parties will be charged after sharing the balance and they will pay service charges as well. This service is free for the request sender. Other parties should be prepaid users.

Jazz to Jazz balance share operation failed

if your transaction will be failed try again after 5 minutes.

jazz balance save code

if you want to hide or save your balance then daily *869#. after activating this offer daily again and replying 1. a popup notification shows you add your balance limit minimum of 2 Pkr to 100.

Jazz balance saves code unsubscribe

Dail *869*2# your balance save service will be deactivated in a few seconds. You all save balance add some balance and use it again.

Terms and conditions
  1.  Rs 7.50 (incl. tax) will charge on the balance shares for prepaid subscribers.
  2. Jazz will not be responsible for any misuse of this service.
  3. The minimum balance share is Rs 50.
  4. The maximum sharing amount is Rs. 500.
  5. Only  Jazz to Jazz share balance.
  6. This service is free of cost.

It’s easy to send mobile balances with these balance-sharing codes. Sharing balance is very easy and simple. These codes are valid on all Jazz sims. If you need a balance immediately you can share the balance through these codes.

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