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JazzCash annual Bima policy 2023

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In the article, we will discuss in detail about JazzCash annual Bima policy. JazzCash offers “JazzCash Bima unique Life insurance policy.

JazzCash annual Bima policy 2023

JazzCash Annual Bima is underwritten by EFU Life Assurance Limited, which is registered and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

The life insurance policy is a good investment because it is a simple and affordable product that provides financial relief to the family and dependents of the policyholder in case of his/her accidental death.

Introduction JazzCash Bima Policy

JazzCash annual Bima policy is a unique life insurance policy that is designed to provide financial protection for the family and dependents of the Beema policyholder in case of his/her unfortunate death

It provides financial relief to the family and dependents of the Beema policyholder in case of his/her accidental death “JazzCash Beema” provide financial coverage of up to Rs. 200,000 for an annual premium of Rs.300 only.

It is an annual individual policy in which the insured pays premiums, and Bima provides full-year coverage. Jazz provides Rs. 100,000 Benefit in case of loss of life and Rs. 100,000 in case of loss of life due to accident Rs.100,000.

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Duration of JazzCash annual Bima policy

The Duration of the insurance is for 1 year from the date of enrollment and the Enrolment Age Limit: is 18–64 years.

Eligibility criteria

Any person aged 18 to 65 can be enrolled in the jazz Bima Insurance Policy


The Charges are Rs.300 for one year

Advantages of JazzCash annual Bima policy

We can secure our family’s future due to this policy. Here are some benefits of this insurance policy.

  1. It is Simple and easy to understand
  2. It provides Fast electronic claims processing
  3. Generous cash benefit
  4. This product is Cost effective
  5. Annually renewable

Conditions of Bima policy

Bima Provides You With The Life Insurance in The Following Cases:

  1. Death due to any cause
  2. Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)
  3. Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

It means only natural and accidental death will be applicable to this policy.

Subscription method

There are two ways to subscribe to this service

  1. JazzCash Mobile Account
  2. JazzCash Agent

This service can be subscribed to through the JazzCash Mobile Account and can be subscribed to by visiting any JazzCash Agent.

 SignUp Process

There are three simple methods for the signup process. Jazz users can complete the signup process by following these methods.

  1. Jazz cash users
  2. Other network users
  3. Jazz cash agent

1. Jazz cash users

JazzCash Mobile Account customers can subscribe to JazzCash Beema by simply dialing *786*8*3*1#

2. Other network users

Customers who do not have a JazzCash Mobile Account can simply dial *786# from their biometrically verified Jazz SIM to open their Account.

3. Jazz cash agent

Customers can visit any nearest JazzCash Agent with their CNIC to subscribe to this policy.

Claim process

In case of an insured customer’s death, the claimant should notify helpline number 4444 or 051 8466 466. A jazz representative will guide you through the claim process

Documents required for claim

  1. Customer’s CNIC and Death Certificate
  2. Hospital record if death occurred in a hospital
  3. The Police & medical legal reports will be required in case of death due to an accident.

Jazz Bima Policy unsubscribe code

The jazz Customers can cancel their subscription within 14 days of registration, by calling 4444. If a claim has been notified, a full subscription fee will be refunded.

Jazz Bima Unsubscribe Code 2023

  • Write a message with “Unsubscribe.”
  • Send it to 9878.

Jazz BIMA Sehat unsubscribe code

Here is the code list to unsubscribe from jazz bima health service:

Bima service unsubscribe code. 9878

bima unsub by calling to. 4444

Jazz Doctor Helpline Number

SMS ‘CLAIM’ to 9878 or call 042-111-119-878 no later than 270 days from the first night of hospitalization. A BIMA representative will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your claim with full information on how to process your claim.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The time period of this policy is 1 year from the date of enrollment.
  2. Only 18 to 64 years people can enroll in this policy
  3. The jazz cash will not be paid any benefits in case of accidental death such as murder or travel to war-inflicted areas.

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