How to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC

How to Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC New Method 2023

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jazz sim number check by Cnic

If you are a jazz user then you can easily check your Jazz SIM number associated with your CNIC  in 2023. We will discuss in detail the Jazz SIM Number Check By CNIC. We will also describe a few methods to check the jazz Sim number. Jazz is a leading mobile network operator in Pakistan. its extensive network coverage across the country offers reliable connectivity.

In Pakistan, every SIM card is issued against someone’s CNIC. It’s a good way to check that the SIM card you are using is registered against your own CNIC  to avoid any misuse activity. In cases of lost or stolen SIM cards, you can easily report and complain about the incident to the responsible authorities.

 SIM Information System 668

The SIM Information System 668 is a service provided by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) that allows individuals in Pakistan to check the details of SIM cards registered under their names.

You can send your CNIC number to 668 via SMS, and you will receive information about the number of SIMs registered to your name with different mobile operators. 

Methods to  Check Jazz SIM Number On CNIC In 2023

jazz number check code, If you want to check the SIM number of SIMs registered against your CNIC here are some simple methods. You have to keep in mind that some of these methods may require balance to check and some methods can be applied without any cost deduction.

you can follow these steps to check your Jazz SIM

  1. Code Dialing method
  2. SMS Method
  3. Jazz Website
  4. Jazz World App
  5. Jaz helpline method 
  6. Dialing Code Method

To check your Jazz SIM number using your CNIC, follow these steps :

  1.  Firstly, Dial *99# from your Jazz SIM. 
  2. A menu will appear on your screen
  3. Here you will see various options.
  4. Select the “Check SIM Number” option.
  5. After that, you will be asked to enter your CNIC number without any dashes or spaces.
  6. Press the send button.
  7. Your Jazz SIM number will be displayed on your screen

2. SMS Method

  1. Open the new  message application 
  2.  Write in your CNIC number without any hyphens. 
  3. Now, send this message to 667
  4.  you will receive a  confirmation message containing your registered SIM number.

3. Jazz Website 

You can also try checking your Jazz SIM number through the official  website of jazz 

  1. Firstly, open a jazz website.
  2. Now login into your Jazz account
  3. Here you will see  your jazz  number 

4. Jazz World App

The Jazz World app is the best option to check Jazz Sim number. This method is free of cost You only need to download the “jazz world  App”. This App can be downloaded from the Google Play store and see your number.

  1. Here are a few easy steps to check jazz number 
  2. Download the Jazz World App 
  3.  Open the app and log in 
  4. Here you will see the “My Account” option  go to the “My Account” option  
  5. Here you will see  all the details related to your Jazz Sim 

5. Jazz helpline method 

Users can call on the mobile helpline number to check the Jazz SIM number. you need to follow these steps :

  1. Dial the jazz helpline number, 111, from your  SIM. 
  2. Listen to instructions carefully 
  3. Press the 0 button and talk to the representative.
  4. After connecting to a customer support representative, provide them with your CNIC number or any other identification details 
  5. After that, the representative will then provide you with your Jazz SIM number.

It’s recommended to verify the exact method by visiting the official Jazz website or contacting Jazz customer support for the most accurate and up to date instructions on how to check your SIM number using your CNIC.

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