How to Unsubscribe Easypaisa sms alert charges

How to Unsubscribe Easypaisa sms charges (2024)

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Sometimes SMS Alert  Services are activated on your SIM number due to the balance being deducted from your account.  In this article, we will completely explain how to Unsubscribe from Easypaisa SMS Alert Charges. As we know, there are Various digital wallet services and  Apps that are being used in Pakistan to transfer money Easypaisa is a mobile banking service that can be used for various financial transactions.

SMS Alert is a service that notifies or alerts users via text. You can receive alerts on their mobile phones. These unwanted and irrelevant alerts irritate you. This service informs users about account activities, transactions security alerts, etc. If you want to remove it, you have to disable it.

How to Unsubscribe Easypaisa SMS charges

If the Easypaisa SMS charges is activated on your number you have to pay 15 Rupees per month for it. You have often noticed that your balance is deducted from your account. There can be many reasons for it

This is a very simple and easy process to unsubscribe  SMS Alert Charges service 

  • You have to simply Dial 3737 and reply with 1 and 4 
  • After that, you have successfully unsubscribed from this service 

Methods to Unsubscribe Easypaisa SMS Alert service

There are certain simple methods are used to unsubscribe Easypaisa SMS alerts

  1. Customer care Service 
  2. Unique Code Dialing Method 
  3. Easypaisa help center 

So let’s discuss all these methods in detail

1. Unsubscribe Via Customer Care Service 

Here are a few simple steps

  1. Call the Easypaisa customer service helpline. 
  2. After that, provide them with the necessary information to verify your identity.
  3. Clearly state your reason why you want to unsubscribe from the SMS alert service. 
  4. The customer service representative will guide you 

2. Unsubscribe Via Code Dialing Method 

To deactivate the Jazz Easy Paisa alert service, you have to follow these steps.

    1. Go to the messaging app on your mobile phone.
    2.  Create a new SMS.
    3. Dial  code 3737 from your mobile 
    4. After that reply with 1 and 4 
  • You will receive a  message  that you have successfully unsubscribed  alert service

3. Unsubscribe Via Easypaisa help center 

  1. Visit any nearest franchise
  2. Talk to them  and ask to unsubscribe Easypaisa SMS alert service 
  3. They will guide you 

In this era, the process of sending money from one place to another has become very easy. we have provided you with details information related to Unsubscribe Easypaisa SMS charges. If you use this service You have to pay additional charges for it. We hope you like this article stay connected with us for more upcoming Informative articles.

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