jazz weekly call package in 100 rupees code

Jazz Weekly Voice Offer 1000 Minutes

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jazz 1000 Minutes Package

will discuss in detail the Jazz Weekly Voice Offer 1000 Minutes which Is available only for 100 rupees. Jazz offers a variety of monthly call packages with different prices and features for its customers. Jazz weekly voice offers include 1000 On net minutes for the whole week. The cost of this package is Rs. 100 (including tax).

Jazz Weekly Voice Offer 1000 Minutes The best thing about this package is that now you can share the Jazz balance of Rs 30 with another Jazz prepaid number.


Many people prefer to activate the weekly jazz call package because of their Features. Here are some key features of jazz weekly call packages may include.

  1. Jazz weekly call package Reduced call rates for specific numbers or times of day
  2. The Package validity for 7 days
  3. An automatic package renewal option is available.
  4.  Some weekly packages also include free SMS to all networks

Jazz Call Packages Weekly Code Specifications Details

  1. This offer provides 1000 Free On-Net Minutes
  2.  It is valid for  7 days.
  3. The cost of this package is only 100 rupees.
  4. 149 balance is required in the account to activate this offer.
  5.  The activation code is  *211#.
  6. The remaining Check code is *211*2#.

Subscribe & Unsubscribe Code Details

  1. Subscription Code:    *211#
  2. Sharing Code:            *308#
  3. Offer Status Code:     *211*2#

How to subscribe to the Jazz Weekly voice offer?

The users can also visit the Jazz website or use the “Jazz World App” to subscribe to Jazz monthly call package in 100 rupees. 

Subscription Code of the Jazz Weekly Offer?

If you want  to Subscribe to Jazz 100 Rupees Call Package you have to Dail *211# code from your mobile 

How To Check the Package Status?

Subscribers can Dial the *211*2# code to check the package status.  

How to check the balance of Jazz Weekly Voice Offer?

Jazz Weekly Voice Offer Check Code The user can Dial *111# and submit the code by pressing the call button. wait for a while. your remaining account balance will be shown on a mobile screen. But remember 0.12 Rs +tax will be charged.

Jazz Sharing 30 Minutes

Now customers have the opportunity to share  30 Jazz minutes with any other Jazz prepaid number. The sharing Minutes fee is Rs. 2. The customers can Dail *308#. Code to share Jazz minutes with other Numbers.

Terms & Conditions
  1. The Company has the right to change package prices. 
  2. This offer is valid for 7 days After 7 days, the offer will automatically expire.
  3. The customers  have to dial *211# again to avail of this offer
  4. Users  must have 149 in the account to activate this offer 
  5.  The sharing Minutes fee is Rs. 2 will be deducted from your account 

In this article, we have tried to give all the valid and correct information. The users can get  1000 On-net minutes for the whole week in just 100 Rupees including taxes.

The best thing about this package is that now you can share the balance of Rs.30 with someone. The jazz users will Dail *308# to share 30  rupees. For more information and upcoming changes, you can keep visiting the Jazz website.

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