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Scom Loan Code | Get Scom Emergency Loan

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Scom Loan Code

SCOM Emergency Loan, You can get SCOM advance balance by Dialing this code *135#. After that, you will receive Rs. 15  amount of the loan. This amount will be deducted from your mobile on the next recharge.

  • SCOM Loan Code:      *135#
  • Advance amount:          Rs.15 
  • Service Charges:           Rs. 5

There was a time when you needed cards to recharge your mobile balance and you had to visit shops, But now you can Get Scom Emergency Loan at home with the help of loan services.

SCOM offers an Emergency Loan service to their prepaid customers. This service allows you to get a small amount of credit in case your balance runs low. Scom Advance Loan

How to Get Scom Emergency Loan Amount?

Please follow these steps to get a loan on your SCOM SIM

  1. Dial *135# code provided by SCOM to request a loan. 
  2. After dialing the code, you’ll receive instructions 
  3. After that confirm your request.
  4.  Once your request is confirmed, you will  receive the 15 rupees amount 
  5. This amount  will be deducted from your account balance the next time  recharge 


You are eligible for a SCOM loan  If your balance is less than 5 rupees. Dial *135#  code to get Loan advance. After that, you will receive 15 rupees. The 15 rupees will be added to your account. Scom internet packages

Scom Advance Loan Amount 

Typically, the SCOM network offers a modest amount of credit as an advance balance,  in case your account balance runs low. SCOM loan advance amount is 15 Rupees.

Som Balance Sharing Service

SCOM also provides balance sharing services, you can share your balance with other users with the help of this service.

You have to simply dial *128*Amount*Mob No#

For example


Repayment Process of the Loan amount 

It is your liability to repay the loan amount. When you receive a loan, the amount is added to your account balance, and it becomes due for repayment. 

You need to recharge your account to repay the loan amount. The loan amount will be deducted automatically from your balance when you recharge the balance. Scom call packages

Terms & conditions
  1. An Advance Loan is given only once. If you have already taken an advance loan, you will not be given a loan again
  2. The RS.2 will be deducted from. your mobile on the next load.
  3. The advance loan amount will be 15 rupees 

Sometimes you need to make urgent calls or use data. In this case, these loan advance services are very useful for you because you can get the balance easily. We have shared all the informative details with you. Stay connected with us for more information.

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