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Zong Number Check Code *8#

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In this article, we will share with you in complete detail About How To Check Zong Number through different methods. We will also share with you some important methods to Zong Number Check Code *8#. Zong is a famous and biggest telecommunications company in Pakistan that is providing a range of mobile voice and data services.

Zong Number Check Code

Zong number check If you want to check your Zong sim number you can use one of the following methods. These methods will help you check your Zong number easily.

  1. Code Dialing method
  2. Zong helpline method
  3. Sms method 
  4. Zong mobile App

1. Code Dialing method

How to check the Zong number, Follow these steps

  1.  First of all Open the mobile dialer pad
  2.  dial *2# or *8# code
  3.  After a few seconds, your Zong number will be shown on your screen.

2. Zong helpline method

The Zong helpline method is very easy method to check the Zong SIM number

  1. Simply check Zong SIM number by Dialing 310
  2. When your call is connected Follow the instructions carefully and talk to a Zong customer service representative.
  3. The customer representative will ask you for some necessary information during the call Such as full name, CNIC number, or other information.


Remember: This thing you have to provide your necessary details and identification information during the call process.

3. Sms method

SMS method is another method to check Zong sim number.You can send a blank SMS to 667 after that, You will receive a reply.

  1. Create a new message on your phone
  2. You have to type a blank message in the text field.
  3.  Send this message to 667.
  4. You will receive an SMS from Zong

4. Zong mobile App

How to check Zong Sim Number, You can also Check Zong Sim number through Zong Mobile App. When you log in to your account your Zong number will show on the screen along with other account details.

you can follow these steps to check your Zong SIM number through the Zong mobile App.

  1.  Download and install the Zong app from the Google Play Store
  2. Log in to your Zong App
  3.  you will see a home screen within the Zong app.
  4. Find an option to view your account details or profile information.
  5. Here you will your Zong SIM number and your account details or profile section

Zong Balance Check Code *310#

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Check Zong number without Balance

If you want to check your Zong number without having a balance you have to follow the given steps

  1. Blank SMS 
  2. Zong Mobile App
Send a blank SMS to 667

Simply Compose a new message and send this message to 667. 

Zong Mobile App

Zong App is the best method to check Zong balance without any cost. Open your zong App after that your mobile number details will be displayed in front of you

Check Zong number through CNIC

You need a 13-digit CNIC number whose Zong number you want to check.

Here are a few simple steps to check zong number through CNIC

  1. You can check Zong number by Dialing this code *786*2*
  2. Write your CNIC Number and # tag
  3.   The request will be processed
  4. Wait for a while after that You will receive a message
  5. Zong number CNIC details will be display on your screen

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Check Zong SIM Owner name through PTA

How to check Zong number owner name, PTA means Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. You can check the registration status of your Zong SIM by using the 668 PTA sim information system. We will guide you on how can you do it. How to check Sim on CNIC

  1. Go to the PTA website
  2. Click on the “Online Mobile Registration” option and click on it.
  3. You require some personal information such as the mobile number, CNIC number, etc.
  4.  Click on the “Submit” button.
  5. The system will verify the information and display the registration status of the SIM card owner name.

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