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How to Recharge SCOM SIM Balance 2023/2024

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SCOM Sim  Balance Recharge Code

Recharge SCOM SIM, Many people don’t know How to Recharge SCOM SIM Balance. So we will share with you in detail some procedures and methods to recharge the balance SCOM is providing 2G, 3G, and 4G services to its customers

The users who use SCOM sim sometimes face a problem that when they have to recharge the balance, they cannot recharge the balance easily

How to Recharge SCOM SIM Balance

Now customer service centers and franchises have easy load facilities due to which you can easily Recharge SCOM SIM Balance. Scom balance check

SCOM Balance Recharge Cards 

SCOM has introduced some load cards with the help of users who can easily recharge their balance. You can get these cards at “Ufone” outlets You can also go to any  SCOM retailer shop to purchase these cards. How to check Scom Balance

Methods to Recharge Scom Balance 

By following these methods you can recharge your SIM from anywhere.

How to Recharge SCOM SIM via Card

The users can easily recharge Their SIM but Some people don’t know  how to recharge their balance using the card

Please follow these steps to recharge via card 

  1. Carefully scratch the card  
  2. After scratching the card you will see a hidden PIN number.
  3. Dial this  code *123*PIN# on your mobile phone,
  4. After that, You will receive a confirmation SMS or message on your phone.

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How to Recharge SCOM Sim Online

Recharge SCOM SIM, You can use the official website or mobile app of Scom to recharge your Scom SIM online

Here are a few simple and easy   steps:

  1. Install the “Alfalah Bank” App 
  2.  Login to your account and enter the required information
  3. Go to the Top Up icon 
  4. Click on the mobile top-up  option 
  5. Select the sim category prepaid or postpaid 
  6. Select the Scom network in the list 
  7.  Enter your mobile number and the amount you want to recharge.
  8. Select payment method. Online payment options depend on what Scom supports.
  9. Confirm and Complete the transaction.
  10. you will receive a 6 digit code on your mobile confirmation message 
  11. Congratulations, your Scom SIM has been recharged successfully.

Important note 

Keep your online account credentials secure to protect your information.

How to recharge SCOM SIM via Mobile App

You can easily recharge your Scom SIM via the Scom mobile app 

  1. Download and Install the Scom Mobile App from the Google Play Store 
  2. Log In to your  account 
  3. You have to provide the required information.
  4. Here you will see an option “Recharge” Open it 
  5. Enter Recharge Details and amount 
  6. Choose Payment Method
  7. After confirming the transaction you will  receive a confirmation message

We have shared all methods related to recharge balance. We have also shared that some service providers offer online or mobile app options for recharging. 

 It’s the best way to contact their customer support or visit their official website for detailed instructions and upcoming information.

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