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Onic Sim Packages Code Pricing – Call, Internet & SMS Bundles

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Onic Sim Packages Code, ONIC is not just a SIM, it will be used to change the 5G network That was introduced in Pakistan by the name of ONIC. It was introduced on 14 August 2023. This service will provide Internet access at very low cost

There is no doubt that people are always looking for new and innovative things. ONIC is a new telecom network in Pakistan that was introduced to increase telecommunication growth in the country.

Purpose of ONIC Sim

This new digital revolution telecom player purpose is to provide high speed internet services in Pakistan. Onic Sim Packages, It will promote the telecommunication network in Pakistan 

Onic Sim Code Number

All Onic SIM card numbers start with the 0339 code 

Onic Sim Delivery Method

The sim will be delivered to your doorstep. You can receive these SIMs in the following cities

  1. Karachi
  2. Lahore
  3. Islamabad
  4. Rawalpindi 
  5. Faisalabad

Types of Onic SIM cards 

There are four types of Onic  SIM cards.

  1. Standard Number
  2. Golden Number
  3. Purple Number
  4. Platinum Number

1. Standard Number

Standard number is free  of cost

2. Golden Number

You can get the Golden Number at a price of Rs 4,500.

3. Purple Number

The Purple Number prices are at Rs 600.

4. Platinum Number

The Platinum Number is unique.

Onic Sim Prices and rates 

Onic sim internet packages, If we talk about its price, its price is very low, you can get it from Rs.100 to Rs.150.You can get it for just 100 or 150 rupees. It is a cost effective choice for those individuals who are seeking effective connectivity. It will change the game with its 5G network.

Here are the Onic SIM prices

Network                                 Onic SIM

Standard Number                Free

Golden                                Rs. 4,500

Purple                                   Rs. 600

Platinum                           Rs. 22,500

How to buy  Onic SIM Online 

This very simple and easy process to buy Onic SIM. You have to follow these steps

  1. Firstly go to the Onic website (https://www.onic.pk/).
  2.  A new page will be open 
  3. Here you will see an option to click on the “Order Now” option 
  4. You have to select the card that you want to purchase such as a Golden, Purple card etc.
  5. Then you have to provide personal information 
  6. Select the delivery method where you want to receive 
  7. Select the payment method, including credit/debit cards etc.
  8.  After the completion of the process, the sim will be dispatched to your address 
  9. Visit an authorized Onic retailer to activate the SIM 
  10. Select a package plan according to your choice 
  11. At the end Put the SIM in your device and use

Onic Sim Packages Code Prices and Details

Here are details of Onic SIM Packages

Package Name

  1. Onic Big Data
  2. Epic Data
  3. Limitless

1. Onic Big Data


Onic sim Pakistan Packages monthly, gives you 30 GB data, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, and 5,000 SMS


The price of PKR 890/


It is valid for 30 Days

2. Epic Data


It gives you 100 GB data, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, and 10,000 SMS


The price of this offer is PKR 1290


It is valid for 30 Days and Limitless 

3. Limitless Data


200 GB data, unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, and 10,000 SMS


The price of this offer is PKR 1990


It is valid for 30 Days and Limitless

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How to activate Onic  SIM?

You can activate your SIM card through the Onic app or web-based application

  1.  login the application
  2.  Click on the “Activate” button 
  3.  Congratulations Now start using Onic services. 

You can activate your SIM card through the Onic app or a web based application 

Important note 

If you face any trouble and need any assistance to order your SIM. You can contact their helpline number 


No doubt, Onic gives you simple, hassle-free access and gives you lots of high-speed data to work and socialize.

This is a new digital platform that provides seamless connectivity, and endless opportunities to engage, create, and collaborate whenever and wherever you want.

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