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Telenor New Balance Share Code 2024 – Telenor Smart Share

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Telenor gives you a Balance Sharing facility. A specific Code is (*1*1#) used to transferring  balance .This code is  valid on all Telenor numbers. Now Share mobile balance easily with your family and friends.its process is very simple and easy.

Through this new and exciting  service  you can share up to 200 rupees balance with Telenor users 

Telenor Balance Share code 2024 

Telenor Smart Share is a service that enables you to transfer credit to others when they need it the most. 

You have to dial the specific code provided by Telenor for balance sharing. Write an  amount  and press send button. Please remember these codes can be changed over time.

Simply Dial *1*1*92345<9233XXXXXXXX>*50

After that the balance will be shared

Telenor Smart Share Code 2024:

Telenor’s “Smart Share” service is a feature that allows users to share their mobile account balance with others. This service is used for sharing mobile credit

Balance share Code:         *1*1#

Sharing Charges:                  Rs. 7

Simply Dial *1*1*92345<9233XXXXXXXX>*100#

After dialing this balance will be shared.The smart Share code is valid on all Telenor mobile sims.

How to share Telenor Balance

Are you searching how to transfer the balance? you don’t need to worry We will guide you completely on How  can you share Balance? 

Telenor Balance sharing Methods 

  1. Balance share Via  App.
  2. Balance share  Via SMS
  3. Balance share Via code 

1. Telenor Balance Share App

Here are a few simple steps

  1. Download  the Telenor App
  2. After logging in go to the “Balance Transfer” section 
  3. Enter the Telenor number where you want to share your balance
  4. Enter the amount of balance you want to share
  5. At the end, you should receive a confirmation message 

Telenor Balance Share via Sms

Please follow these steps to share your Balance through SMS 

  1. Open your messaging box and compose a new SMS
  2. Enter the Telenor number of the person you want to share your balance
  3. Enter the amount
  4. send an SMS to 6388 
  5. You will receive a confirmation SMS 

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Telenor Balance Share Via Code

Please follow these steps to share the balance 

  1. Firstly Open your  phone dialer pad
  2. Dial this code from your mobile
  3. *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount
  4. After that press 1 to confirm the balance transfer.
  5. After completing the transaction, you should receive a confirmation message.


For example, if you want  to share Rs. 100.00 with someone 

  1. Type *1*1*923451234567*100#  and send it 
  2. Press the  1 to confirm the balance transfer.

You can send it 10 times a day

How to deactivate the Smart Share service?

You can dial the *710#  code from your mobile to deactivate balance balance sharing service. There are no charges will apply for dialing *710#.

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Q.1 What are the Balance sharing amount Limit?

You can share amount between Rs. 20.00 to Rs. 200.00 Amount.

Q.2 What are Balance share charges ?

The Rs. 7 are charged for sharing the balance.

Q.3 Can we transfer balance from Telenor to other network number?

No, we can only share Balance Telenor numbers . There is no option to share balance other network

Terms and conditions 

  1. The sender & receiver both will receive a confirmation message after the balance transferring 
  2. The Standard taxes will be charged on each transaction.
  3. The balance will remain valid for the same time.
  4. Smart Share can be done a maximum of 10 times a day.
  5.  Only prepaid users can share the balance

 if you want to help others then you can easily share balance with the help of Telenor Smart Sharing service. This is very helpful service. Stay connected with us and check Telenor’s official website for the most upcoming information.


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