Chief Minister Punjab Hen Farming Scheme 2022-2023

Chief Minister Punjab Hen Farming Scheme 2022-2023

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Punjab Govt Hen Farming Scheme 2022-2023

In this article, we are going to share all complete about the CM Punjab hen farming scheme 2022-2023. The Punjab province has launched this scheme. The livestock department of Punjab will supervise PM Murghi Paal Scheme.

The Chief Minister of Punjab has announced the Hen Farming Scheme. This scheme will promote the growth of Murgbani. These hens will be provided at a special discounted price. This scheme will continue for the next four years almost 5 lac hens and cooks will be distributed in Punjab.

Introduction Punjab Hen Farming Scheme

Complete detail of the Live Stock Poultry Scheme 2023

This scheme has been distributed in two sections. The two types of sections are available under the scheme. 

  1. Birds
  2. Cocks

The first section (Birds)

  1. The first unit consists of five hens and one cock
  2.  The age of these birds will be between 80 to 85 days
  3.  the weight of each bird will be between 650 to 700 grams.

The second section (Cocks)

  1.  The second unit consists of 12 cocks.
  2. The age of these cocks will be between 55 to 60 days.
  3. The Weight of each bird will be 350 gm to 450 gm.

Purpose of this scheme

  1. The purpose of this scheme is to promote the growth of chicken meat and also eggs. 
  2. Eradicate the poverty
  3. Free eggs and poultry meat will be provided to the public.
  4. Increase livestock production.

Hen Farming Scheme 2022-2023 Eligibility Criteria

The hen farming scheme Has been divided into two parts According to this Scheme a person will be provided 5 hens and 1 cock which is an age estimated 80-85 days and weigh 650-700 grams per piece.

In the second part, a person will be able to take 12 cock aged 55-60 days and weigh per piece 350-450 grams. This will be available at Rs 1180 only.12 lac hens will be distributed among 160299 people in the next four years.

How to download the Application Form

The application forms can be downloaded online. You can submit these forms along with relevant documents.

How to apply  Live Stock Poultry Scheme  2022-2023

Application Registration procedure

The deputy director of livestock at the Tehsil level will be provided with application forms. These application forms are free and you can receive them by showing your CNIC ID Card. You can Submit the application form along with your CNIC, phone number, and complete address to your nearest Deputy Director’s LiveStock office.


  1. Only one applicant can take one hen’s unit respectively. If the livestock department receives more applications, they will decide to conduct a Lucky Draw.
  2. All the application forms will be received 7 days before the distribution of poultry units.
  3. Do not forget to get a receipt of your application at the time of its submission.
  4. The concerned department will prepare a list. The List will be displayed on time in the district and Tehsil offices of livestock
  5. If you face any issue regarding the list then applicants can directly contact the deputy and additional director of livestock at the Tehsil and district levels.
  6. If the application limit exceeds then the department will take the decision to draw a lucky draw.
  7. The list will be displayed in the offices of livestock at Tehsil and district levels. All Successful candidates will be informed by phone.

Helpline number

You can call on this number 0800-78686 For further information about the Prime Minister Hen Farming Scheme 2022 – 2023.


No doubt, the demand for eggs, meat, and milk is increasing day by day due to the increasing population. As we know agriculture and animal husbandry has their own importance 

The current economic conditions in Pakistan are not going well. It is very important to Increase livestock production to meet the demand of people .livestock and its products are directly linked to the economy. it is the source of active food.

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